Oct. 11, 2023

TotalFit™: A Game Changer for Push-to-Connect Fittings

by Alex Gross

Uponor TotalFit™ is an innovative push-to-connect fitting designed to simplify residential repair, remodel, and re-pipe projects. Manufactured with professional-grade engineered polymer (EP) and a patent-pending design, TotalFit™ provides greater value for residential projects with the same versatility and speed as brass push-to-connect fittings for use in PEX, PE-RT, CPVC, and copper piping systems.

TotalFit™ serves as the emergency service plumber’s go-to solution that works seamlessly with any existing material. The offering dramatically decreases the amount of transition inventory for emergency plumbers and allows for transition from copper to Uponor’s easy-to-use ProPEX® expansion system in remodel projects.

Push-to-connect fittings have been on the market for several years with known concerns of poor reliability or costly materials, depending on the fitting type. So, when Uponor created TotalFit™, they sought to reinvent the market. Professional-grade EP materials help ensure durability, reliability, and value in any home repair or remodel, offering an easy installation in tight spaces and corrosion resistance at a dramatically lower price than brass push-to-connect fittings.

However, customer research revealed a concern about product durability with TotalFit™ Drop Ear Elbows when connected to heavier showerheads.
So, Uponor Customer Trainer Jed Koep decided to test those concerns. He fastened a TotalFit™ Drop Ear Elbow to a stud and added an extension nipple to connect various weights.

Koep conducted two tests with extension nipples of 12" and 6", and then performed one test with no extension nipple. The 12" extension nipple compromised at 45 pounds, the 6" nipple compromised at 55 pounds, and the TotalFit™ Drop Ear Elbow itself compromised at 150 pounds.
With larger showerheads weighing approximately five pounds, the testing results proved the strength and durability of TotalFit™.

Now, contractors can confidently install TotalFit™ in bathroom shower applications knowing it will comply with the demands of any project — even those that utilize large, heavy showerheads or downspouts — while meeting all applicable codes and standards for domestic water systems.