Nov. 11, 2023

Uponor Enthusiast Doug Vetter Goes Live on Mechanical Hub’s Appetite for Construction Podcast

by Alex Gross

Doug Vetter, owner of Vetter Plumbing in Longview, Wash., was recently featured on Mechanical Hub's Appetite for Construction podcast. Vetter was introduced to the podcast at Uponor's recent grand opening of its Experience Center. Hosts John Mesenbrink and Tim Ward quickly realized Vetter's passion for plumbing and invited him on their show. Initially, Vetter didn't know what a podcast was, but once he learned, he was thrilled to share some of his stories about his love for plumbing and Uponor.

Vetter and his wife, Liz, serve as the perfect duo. Doug handles plumbing in the field, while Liz handles the behind-the-scenes, technology-based needs of the company, such as social media efforts, website design, Google reviews, and anything else involving the computer. She is also an aspiring plumber seeking certification.

Vetter began his plumbing career after high school. He worked for a small plumbing shop, practicing essential skills like digging ditches, installing sewer lines, and washing and gassing up the vans. Fascinated by his work, he wanted to advance. Naturally, he transitioned into plumbing wholesale, fulfilling all requests in shipping and receiving.

While working in wholesale, Vetter was introduced to Uponor AquaPEX®. He was fascinated and wanted to learn more. As he applied his knowledge in the field, he used Uponor AquaPEX on some of his initial projects. Now a journeyman plumber, Vetter has used Uponor AquaPEX since stocking the product during his plumbing wholesale role. The pipe was a natural choice for Vetter as it aligns with his mission to offer trustworthy solutions with unmatched quality to his customers.

Vetter emphasized the lasting impact his plumbing wholesale role had on his company’s success. He appreciated the wholesale space, as it allowed for a wider array of solutions at a lower cost. He left the role with the knowledge of what solutions are available to a plumber and where to order them. Vetter emphasizes the importance of staying educated on new technology to ensure customers are receiving the most practical solutions.

Transparency is at the center of Vetter Plumbing. Doug initiates an open-ended discussion with every customer about plumbing issues in their home, potential solutions, and his plans for their project. He wants to make sure that every customer has a good understanding of the solution to their home plumbing system. He even encourages customers to watch him work.

Vetter is a proponent of out-of-the-box solutions that change the game. His tattoos, mohawk, ear gauges, and handlebar mustache are unique. He even sports an Uponor tattoo across his back — from shoulder blade to shoulder blade — to demonstrate his commitment to the company and their products. He emphasizes never judging a book by its cover and boldly stated that customers who may have initially judged his appearance have come back to be extremely pleased with the results of their projects.

Recently, Vetter Plumbing has been busier than ever. Despite the recent recession, the company is currently booked out for two months. This is largely due to Vetter Plumbing's emphasis on kindness and responsiveness to customers, many of whom do not get a response from other plumbers they contact.

"It's a shame when another plumber charges an arm and a leg to pipe a house with unreliable products," Vetter states. He prides his business on its transparency and quality solutions, which is one of the key reasons Vetter will only use Uponor products. He has been asked to use other products, but he continues to use Uponor because he wants to ensure a satisfactory, long-lasting solution for his customers. After all, transparency and quality are at the heart of Vetter Plumbing.