Jan. 15, 2024

Uponor's Andres Caballero Predicts 2024 Trends: Smart Solutions, Skilled Labor, and a Market Boom

by Alex Gross

Andres Caballero, president of Uponor North America, recently offered insights into the plumbing and mechanical industry's future in an interview with Plumbing and Mechanical Magazine. He discussed several key trends expected to shape the landscape in 2024, including: 

Economic Headwinds: High interest rates are expected to exert some pressure on the market, requiring contractors to adapt. Labor utilization and access remain critical concerns, with Caballero highlighting the declining access to skilled labor due to generational shifts. 

Tech Solutions to the Rescue: Caballero emphasized the importance of smart solutions and tools to empower contractors and foremen. He mentioned Uponor's kitting services as an example, along with new technologies designed to simplify installation and reduce labor demands. 

Investing in the Future Workforce: Recognizing the need for skilled workers, Uponor has established a new Experience Center dedicated to training new talent and fostering innovation within the industry. This space serves as a platform to discover and implement cutting-edge solutions. 

Market Cyclicity and Uponor's Strategy: Caballero acknowledges the cyclical nature of the residential and commercial construction markets, a factor that can boost business. Uponor strategically maintains a strong presence in both sectors to weather any fluctuations. He predicts a slowdown in residential market inflation, potentially leading to a boom in business for this market in 2024. 

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