Commercial solutions

Ecoflex® pre-insulated piping systems

An efficient, sustainable solution for underground or aboveground hydronic hot-water heating, chilled-water cooling or domestic-water applications

What is Ecoflex?

Ecoflex is a pre-insulated piping system with single or twin Uponor PEX-a service pipes at its core in sizes up to 4". The PEX pipes are surrounded by multi-layer, PEX-foam insulation and covered by a corrugated, watertight, HDPE jacket for the ultimate in energy-efficiency and protection.


Ecoflex benefits over other plastic pre-insulated pipes

  • High-quality PEX-foam insulation protects against heat loss 
  • Multi-layer foam not bonded to the pipe (more flexible, easier to make connections) 
  • Tightest bend radius to eliminate unnecessary connections 
  • Custom cut-to-length service 
  • Pipe uncoilers available for easy installation into a trench 
  • ProPEX® expansion fitting system available up to 3" 
  • WIPEX™ compression fitting system available up to 4" 
  • In-house and on-site support team 
Uponor Ecoflex pre-insulated pipe installation image
Uponor Ecoflex outside a residential single family home rendering

How Ecoflex can cut install time up to 60%

Because flexible Ecoflex does not require even or level trenches, and it is available in long coil lengths up to 1,000 feet to eliminate most underground connections, it has the potential to save up to 60% in installation time compared to rigid metal systems.


Ecoflex benefits over rigid pre-insulated pipes

  • Lightweight for easier job site transport 
  • Corrosion resistant for decades of reliable service 
  • Flexible, long coil lengths to eliminate most underground joints 
  • No welding or soldering 
  • No expansion loops or concrete anchors 
  • No need for straight or level trenches 
  • No two-step process of insulation after pipe installation
Uponor Ecoflex rendering in a trench

See how Ecoflex solves a complex retrofit job

An Austin apartment building uses the ease and flexibility of Ecoflex for its hydronic heating, chilled-water cooling and potable hot-water retrofit project.


What makes pre-insulated PEX piping good for underground applications?

PEX-a is considered superior because its manufacturing method crosslinks the polyethylene molecules during the pipe-extrusion process when the material is in its amorphic state (above the crystalline melting point).

The resulting uniform crosslinking delivers greater flexibility and increased thermal and elastic memory in the pipe.
Pre-insulated Uponor PEX underground installation image featuring 2 commercial contractors