Climate Control Network System Remote Access Update

Recently, Uponor was the target of a cyber-attack which affected all operating systems worldwide, including the Climate Control Network System Remote Access Server. Refer to this link for additional details.

The attack also interrupted the Climate Control Network System Remote Access service, affecting users’ ability to remotely adjust their systems as well as contractors’ ability to support building owners and Uponor’s ability to remotely support contractors.

As a result, the Climate Control Network System Remote Access Server is permanently shut down and will not be coming back online. We apologize for the inability to give users advanced noticed of this change.

Climate Control Network System Overall Status 

Since Uponor communicated the discontinuation of the Climate Control Network System hardware in September 2012, we executed a plan to continue supporting existing systems through hardware replacements, technical phone support, and maintaining the remote access server. However, over the past decade, the ability to support these systems is in severe decline due to the following issues.

  • Limited Web Browsers – Due to outdated security protocols employed in the remote access server, Firefox and Safari are the only usable browsers that allow access to the server. While the website does not store sensitive user information, the continued threat of cyberattacks and improvements in online security protocols will continue to reduce the number of usable browsers.
  • Replacement Hardware – Uponor no longer has inventory of replacement parts if Climate Control Network System hardware fails.
  • Server Hardware – Microsoft no longer supports the remote access server configuration. This means there are no updates for security or functionality issues, and we are without any drop-in replacement server technology.

System Operation without Climate Control Network System Remote Access

Systems with display or non-display thermostats and optional touch panels will continue to operate as normal because the operational code resides on the local controllers and not in the Cloud. For non-display thermostats, adjustments to mode, settings, etc. can be made via the touch panel. 

Systems that were installed incorrectly using non-display thermostats and no touch panel will present a challenge since there is no way to change modes or adjust room temperatures without the contractor and the Uponor Configuration Tool (UCT). Please note that the UCT is no longer available if the installing contractor did not retain their version. (Refer to the Service Options section for more details.)

Service Options

For systems with non-display thermostats and no touch panel, refer to the following options:

  • Contact the original installing contractor to connect to the system using the UCT to change the mode and/or settings. Note that this is a temporary solution until a new controls platform can be installed.
  • If the original contractor is unavailable, have the contractor that currently services your HVAC/radiant contact Uponor Technical Services at 888.594.7726 to assist in setting the controls to manual operation.
  • Contact Delta Controls at 604.574.9444 or access the Delta Partner portal ( to locate a Delta Partner in your area. Delta Partners work with similar hardware, so there is potential for them to connect locally to installed systems. Be sure to make the Delta Partner aware that the current hardware was built in joint cooperation between Delta and Uponor and can be accessed using the Orcaview Workstation Software (OWS).

Hardware Replacement Options

Unfortunately, a “drop-in” replacement does not exist for the Climate Control Network System. As a partial solution, users can consider the Uponor Smatrix Pulse wireless control system. This hardware can replace the zoning portion of the system (e.g., thermostats, actuators, etc.) with wireless capability. Smatrix Pulse includes an option for Smart Home connectivity via an app. Contact a qualified Uponor installer in your area to purchase the Uponor Smatrix Pulse system. Please note the scope of Smatrix Pulse is limited, and other controls (unavailable thru Uponor) will be needed to control system functionality, such as domestic hot water, mixing, snow melt, etc.