Smatrix Pulse digital thermostats

Smatrix Pulse provides precise wireless control of radiant floor heating as well as forced-air heating and cooling systems in one solution that connects to a smart home assistant and can also be controlled remotely via the Smatrix Pulse App.

The Smatrix Pulse Digital Thermostat (T-169) is an operative temperature sensor that provides precise measurement of thermal comfort. The thermostat shows the current room temperature, set temperature, or relative humidity on the display. The user adjusts temperature settings via the buttons on the side of the thermostat. The thermostat connects via wireless technology to the Smatrix Pulse Controller (X-265), which can connect up to six (6) thermostats and eight (8) actuators. The controller operates the actuators, which, in turn, affect the flow of the supply water to change the indoor temperature using information transmitted from the registered thermostats and system parameters.

Smatrix Pulse digital thermostats

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