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Sewage separation system,

Sewage separation system

Construction of storm water collectors in Nowe Polkowice is one of the stages of a big investment concerning the drainage of the district.

Polkowice, Poland
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Edificio público
Product systems
Storm water, Tailor made constructions
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Obra nueva

Construction of storm water collectors at Przemkowska street in Nowe Polkowice is one of the stages of a big investment concerning the drainage of the district. Uponor Infra (former KWH Pipe) was a supplier of pipe systems PEHD Weholite SN8 within the diameter range dn  500÷1600mm. The storm water separation system was constructed in collaboration with NavoTech Inżynieria Środowiska. In the course of execution of the project the heavy and complex structures of concrete separators were replaced with the modern system of separation and pre-treatment of storm water in Weholite technology of diameter dn 3000mm.

Uponor Infra produced and delivered also the Weho manholes, which supplement the pipe systems. The application of unique technology of Weholite pipes and connection of elements of the manholes and pipes with the use of extrusion welding ensures their high quality and 100% tightness. Thanks to small weight the Weho manholes are easy to transport, unload and install. The manholes are delivered to the construction site as monolith structures with factory made connections, which allows to save the assembly time at the construction site and thus reduces the construction costs and ensures exceptional durability of their operation.

Despite very difficult winter conditions the works were carried out efficiently. The system was started up and released for operation in February 2013.

Sewage separation system

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