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Uponor's diversity statement

Uponor’s commitment

Uponor aims to have a diverse workforce that creates the best possible environment for an innovative and efficient way of working, in order to build a successful business performance.

Uponor is committed to its equal opportunity policy and strives to provide an environment where every employee and customer feels respected and valued, regardless of race, colour, religion, sex, language, political or other opinions, national or social origin, property, birth or other status. Respecting the richness of our differences – in terms of individual traits, styles, education, experience, skills, beliefs and talent – not only benefits our organisation, but also contributes to the success of the community we serve.

We will:

  • Create a culture that respects and values each other’s differences and recognises that diversity is a great asset to the company and the people it serves;
  • Raise awareness of and promote belief in the advantages of diversity;
  • Develop our processes to respond to these requirements in such a way that we will be able to follow up and lead our organisation towards achieving the right level of diversity and,
    Ensure that all employees are aware of these objectives and encouraged to support them.
  • Diversity makes Uponor a better place to work, helps us better understand our customers’ needs, and enables us to provide outstanding service.

Uponor values

The Uponor values – Connect, Build, Inspire – and value-based behaviours communicate our culture and provide daily guidance on our way of working throughout the organisation. Our guidance states that we collaborate, support each other and respect diverse points of view.

  • Everything we do, we do for the customer.
  • We are curious and always look for better ways to succeed.
  • We are committed to and accountable for achieving results.
  • We collaborate, listen and learn.
  • We trust, respect and have fun.
  • We seek and provide constructive feedback.


We carefully define the requirements for each position in Uponor. All selection criteria target the best possible performance and we do not discriminate against candidates on the basis of gender, religion, nationality or any other aspect of diversity. Our HR organisation supports the line management by providing expertise and guidance throughout this process.

Development and collaboration
Uponor provides a variety of group-wide development programmes in which international collaboration always plays a major role. In our nomination process, we ensure that we have the most diverse team possible in order to enhance cross cultural and cross business networking.


We want to ensure that our diverse workforce has equal opportunities to do its work successfully and gain recognition based on achievement. Uponor has a leading performance approach, where we focus on supporting our employees towards achieving a better performance via clear processes and evaluation criteria, as well as an equal opportunity for recognition. We also review our ways of working, in order to modify our roles in such a way that a diverse workforce can manage in them. Offering flexibility, for example in the form of remote work, flexible working hours etc. lowers obstacles and improves opportunities for contributing to our performance.

Top management

Uponor’s Board of Directors has a strong commitment to ensuring that the company has the best possible combination of skills, experience and other aspects of diversity represented on the Executive Committee. The same principles apply to the selection of new Executive Committee members as to all other recruitment in the company. The Board of Directors also has clearly stated diversity objectives.


We follow up the agreed criteria at Uponor group level and within the respective management teams at segment and country level on a regular basis. The Uponor Executive Committee discusses diversity and its status annually on its People Day and reports its conclusions to the Board of Directors. If a cause for concern is observed, corrective actions are taken immediately. We are in the process of developing the related measures in line with the development of our People Management system.

At global level, we are currently reviewing the following:

  • Service year distribution, covering internal versus external experience and renewal
  • Age distribution, covering overall experience, maturity and different perspectives
  • Gender distribution, covering diversity from the gender perspective


The aim is to learn from experience and develop our diversity principles and their follow-up step by step, to reflect Uponor’s business challenges and the evolving external environment. We want to be known and respected for transparency, fairness and equal opportunities amongst our employees, our future talent pool, and our customers, partners and investors. We will build a sustainable approach not only via our products, but also in how we treat our people.