Case study

Putnam County Home, Putnam County, New York, USA

Optimum energy efficiency

The private residence of Malcolm Rowe in Putnam County boasts an immaculate energy envelope and has gained recognition as an Energy Star® Version 2.0, Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Index 47 labelled home. It is certified as a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Indoor AirPLUS labelled residence and is set to achieve received LEED® for Homes Silver certification. 

Rowe’s construction objective was to achieve ultimate thermal comfort and superior air quality. To achieve reach this goal, he hired Walden, N.Y.-based Aaron Ourada with Radiant Technology LLC. Ourada prioritized comfort at the top, followed closely by sustainability and energy efficiency. He achieved these goals by installing Uponor radiant heating and cooling systems, filtered whole-house ventilation and automated humidity controls. 

Project facts

Putnam County, New York, USA
Single family home
Completion: 2012

Uponor Involvement

Project highlights

  • 5,800-square-foot residence
  • Energy Star® Version 2.0 Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Index 47
  • Certified as an EPA Indoor AirPLUS residence
  • Pending LEED® for Homes Silver status

Products used

  • Uponor Radiant Heating and Cooling System
  • Wirsbo hePEX™ Tubing piping

Achieving ENERGY STAR® recognition at home

Integral to sustainable design, the home’s efficient thermal envelope includes R26 insulated concrete forms (ICFs) below grade on an R10 slab. R26 ICFs continue above grade to the framed R54 roof sprayed with three inches of closed-cell and six inches of open-cell insulation. The home’s efficiency is furthered through a water-to-water ground source heat pump (GSHP) for an Uponor radiant floor heating and cooling system. The heat pumps are fitted with a heater which reclaims energy for domestic hot water storage and dehumidification reheat. 

The home’s in-floor radiant heating and cooling is embedded in concrete for each floor; the basement is slab on grade, and the second and third floors are poured concrete over ICF decking. The concrete thermal mass construction acts as a thermal energy flywheel to offset overnight peak loads so the mass stores energy and regulates temperate fluctuations. 

For radiant cooling, the GSHP system reverses from heating mode to cooling, charging the buffer tank with chilled water instead of hot water. A variable-speed mixing pump controls the water temperature from the buffer tank to the radiant floor cooling system. 

To say the homeowner is pleased is an understatement. “The builder guided me through our joint vision for a highly energy-efficient house comprising a geothermal energy source, radiant heating and cooling, insulating spray foam and web-enabled monitoring and control systems,” he says. “All the planning paid off.”

The builder guided me through our joint vision for a highly energy-efficient house comprising a geothermal energy source, radiant heating and cooling, insulating spray foam and web-enabled monitoring and control systems.

Putman County Home

An Uponor case study: Outdoor image of the Putnam County home in New York

Project information

Project information

Project Type
New building
Building Type
Single family home

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Changzhou Tian'an Villa is located in Wujin District of Changzhou City.

Changzhou Tian'an Villa is located in Wujin District of Changzhou City.

Changzhou Tian'an Villa is located in Wujin District of Changzhou City. With a total construction area of about 500, this Project adopts a full set of Uponor radiant air conditioning system, which includes ground radiant system, ceiling radiant system, hydraulic conveying system, air conditioning automatic control system and fresh air dehumidification system. Uponor Engineering Department is responsible for the whole project’s conceptual design, product procurement, construction guidance, quality supervision, and system debugging.Owners, based on a preliminary understanding of the radiant system, can put forward their requirements on thermal comfort, indoor air quality, noise, airflow distribution, temperature and humidity control, future maintenance and other aspects.

1. Unlike traditional convection air conditioning (fan coil unit, air-air conditioning, etc.), radiant heat exchange makes up about 60% of the radiant system and the amount of body heat dissipated by radiant is largely increased, which is quite similar to what ASHRAE describes as human body heat exchange comfort model: 30% convection heat exchange, 45% radiant heat exchange and 25% evaporation heat exchange. Moreover, the radiant system could also reduce or increase the temperature of surrounding walls accordingly to cooling or heating conditions, so as to further improve the comfort and friendliness of indoor environment.

2. Compared with terminal equipment of traditional air conditioning that involves a lot of condensed wet surfaces, which may cause the condensate water pan to breed a large number of bacterium and seriously endanger human health, Terminal equipment of radiant conditioning is free of wet surface, and indoor humidity is also strictly controlled, which is conductive to improving the cleanliness of indoor air.

3. Terminal of radiant air conditioning is free of any moving parts, thus eliminating the indoor noise source fundamentally, and further creating an extremely pleasant and wholesome environment for the customers to live in.

4. For most people that have long been subject to air conditioning environment, it is likely for them to suffer the so-called "Air Conditioner Syndrome",which is mainly caused by insufficient fresh air indoor, growth of mould in air conditioning system, long-term blowing feeling and so on. As mentioned above, radiant system can fundamentally eliminate the three hidden dangers, and thus deserves the name as a new generation "immune air conditioning".

By adopting the high temperature cooling source, this system can also effectively reduce the operational energy consumption of air-conditioning system while improve its indoor thermal environment.Ground radiant system adopts Uponor's five-layer oxygen barrier 20mm Pex-a pipeline, so as to ensure the quality of circulating water of air conditioning, improve the heat exchange performance of cold and heat source equipment, and prolong the service life of system.Ceiling system adopts Teporis precast gypsum radiant panel, with cooling capacity of unit area in design condition reaching 85W/m2, therefore largely eliminating users' worries about the cooling capacity of the radiant system. Gypsum radiant panel comes with an insulation layer to ensure that cooling capacity is supplied to air conditioning area to the full extent, and avoid the waste of heating and cooling capacity. Radiant panel adopts modular construction, which is easy and convenient to install, and conductive to guaranteeing the aesthetic effect of interior decoration while ensuring the effect of air conditioning.Hydraulic conveying system is composed of water mixing center, balance valve and main transmission pipeline. Uponor water mixing center well integrates the control module, electric three-way valve and circulating water pump, which ensures the allocation of hydraulic system on demand and on time, and realizes the efficient operation of hydraulic system intelligently.Air conditioning automatic control system adopts a full set of Wave Plus+ Move Plus wireless control system, which helps to eliminate the wiring process of conventional control system, and largely reduce the costs of construction and maintenance. Moreover, it also manages to link the whole indoor and outdoor equipment together organically and thus ensures the efficient and coordinated control of the whole system. Dedicated dehumidifying fresh air ventilator adopts a dual-cooling mode characterized by refrigerant + air conditioning cooling water, which not only ensures the  dehumidification effect of system but also gives consideration to the energy consumption of fresh air dehumidification. Fresh air dehumidifier could also improve the air quality indoor, and control such key parameters as TVOC, PM2.5 and CO2 concentration that are widely concerned by the public.

The whole set of radiant air conditioning system has managed to provide the owners an ideal indoor microclimate environment characterized by high comfort, high energy efficiency, high air quality, and high intelligence. And Uponor, in turn, is highly recognized and acknowledged by the owners based on their actual experiences.

Changjia Residential Villa in Kunshan (Suzhou), China

Changjia Residential Villa in Kunshan (Suzhou), China

Changjia Villa, a private owned residential villa, located in Kunshan (Jiangsu Province) is the first Villa project in China region. The owner of this 250m2 one-story residential villa wants to achieve low energy consumption and at the same time enjoy high level of thermal comfort in his premise. To fulfill client’s requirement, ceiling radiant cooling and floor heating system are selected together with utilization of ground source heat pump to create a comfort indoor climate solution. With 15kW cooling capacity of the ground source heat pump, it serves as the cooling and heating source. The project was completed in December 2016 and is now in operation.
Sheshan yard Shanghai

Sheshan yard Shanghai

Shanghai sheshan yard developed by Lujin company is a high-grade hardcover residential area, which is located in Shanghai,songjiang district, with a total area of 42000 square meters, 540 apartments.

Hot tap water delivered energy efficiently

The decentralized system is a new, energy-efficient approach to distributing hot tap water and heat to homes. The solution was implemented in seven detached houses that have just been completed in Oulu: only heating water and hot tap water are supplied to the houses. The rest is handled by each house's own heat exchanger. The result is living comfort and a significant reduction in heat loss.

Sustainable tourism requires action

Hawkhill, located next to Nuuksio National Park in Vihti, has been offering nature-friendly cottage holidays for almost 60 years. In a company striving to lead the way in sustainable tourism, the environment is taken into account in all its activities. Monitoring water consumption is also an essential part of a sustainable business - intelligent Phyn Plus water assistants ensure that monitoring is easy and that the domestic hot water pipelines are safe from water damage.

The plumbing in order in a single day

The planned plumbing renovation didn't scare the Knutilas, who live in Nurmijärvi, but even the most optimistic expectations were put to shame, when the renovation was over in one day. The guaranteed quality of the work being the main concern, the inhabitants are satisfied with the renovation, which also raises the value of the house.

Energy-efficient home in Pappila

In 2012, Petri and Tiina from Tampere, Finland, bought a detached house in the Pappila area of the city. The house was built in 1950 and was in poor condition. Renovation began shortly after the transaction was completed. In addition to cosmetic renovations, the couple decided to overhaul all of the technical solutions to make them more energy efficient

Upgrade of underfloor heating control system in a single-family house in Heinola

The Lehtinen family lives in a cosy single-family house, built in 2007, in the Jyränkö district of Heinola. The Lehtinens purchased the house in 2009, after falling in love with its layout and location. The house has a heated surface area of 160 m2 on one level and is heated by hydronic underfloor heating. The Lehtinens were happy with it and did not consider any other heating option.

Renovation of the district heating piping system of six housing companies

Six housing companies located in the Hurttivuori district in Turku have a joint heating plant – Nokikana Oy. The terraced houses, which were built between 1975 and 1977, contain a total of 104 flats. Heating and water are supplied to all flats by a joint heating plant. Renovating the piping system became a necessity due to leaks. The plant's insulated elements were renovated in such a way that all residents were able to live in their homes for the entire duration of the renovation.


• Eight floating holiday homes on three footbridges 
• Underwater connection to houseboats 
• Integrated heating cable keeps cables frost-free

Life on the water decelerates: Slowly it flows along, quietly hitting the aluminium hull, the sun's rays reflecting on the smooth surface, birds can be heard, fish show themselves and the surrounding nature is so close. What was developed as a hip alternative in the hip big cities with rivers, canals and lakes is now also firmly moored in the Elbe-Weser Canal on three jetties of the new houseboat marina in Bad Bederkesa. The eight floating holiday houseboats are connected to the local drinking water supply and sewage system with 450 m pre-insulated Uponor Ecoflex Supra PLUS pipes. Thanks to the integrated heating cable, the pipes remained frost-free even in the first winter.
Villa Neureuther

Villa Neureuther

In Villa Neureuther in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, everything is geared towards comfort, and the quality is right down to the last detail. This also applies to the underfloor heating and cooling as well as the drinking water installation. Here ski stars Miriam and Felix Neureuther rely on systems from Uponor.

In the disciplines of slalom and giant slalom, Felix Neureuther is probably nobody's equal: the son of sports legends Rosi Mittermaier and Christian Neureuther was already skiing at the age of two. With 13 World Cup victories, 47 podium places and five World Cup medals, he has become a skiing legend himself. His wife Miriam also looks back on a very successful sports career in cross-country skiing and biathlon. The young family set the same high standards for their new home in Garmisch-Partenkirchen as they did for their sport. The location right next to their parents' house is a statement: the Neureuthers are grounded family people.

D'or Appartements

D'or Appartements

In one of the most beautiful parts of Budapest, at the bottom of the Sas hill, there is this 88 flat condominium called "D'or Appartements", which consists of 3 blocks. On the 1.23 acre property, there are three 5-story blocks of 32, 31 and 25 flats respectively. The most important aspect in the design of the flats was to create ideal living-space, thus homes between 46 m2 and 105 m2 can be found in the buildings.

Feng Shui home

An eco-friendly constructor and a bio-architect teamed up with Uponor Italy to create a balanced combination of new and old, for the perfect indoor climate.

Wood housing

This "Class A" house is the maximum expression of the words "energy efficiency. This is first "Class A" project outside the Trentino-Alto Adige Region.

Seocho House

Seocho house is a 534.98m2 light wooden house (1 underground and 2 stories) located in Seocho-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul. This is a low-energy house with thermal insulation and airtightness of passive house level and with solar and geothermal energy systems as an active elements. Uponor underfloor heating and cooling system has been adopted in this project, in which pipes are embedded in the floor screed and the floors are used as radiant surfaces.

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Single-family home

Single-family home

The TABS PE-DIR 40 concrete core activation system from Uponor provides efficient, draught-free cooling for a single-family home in Stettfurt.

Cythia House

Popping up all over the country in the 60s the somewhat practical ‘boxes’ of the social housing market are iconic fixtures on the British landscape.

Elgin Road

Due to the flexibility of not needing to be regulated; self builders are discovering that it is possible to install underfloor heating system with relative ease.

Momentai House

Momentai House is a magnificent luxury home, 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, office, swimming pool area has MLCP UFH, Plumbing and UP36 Weather Compensation.


23 High Spec Apartments inc. cinema, gymnasium & spa. MLCP Plumbing System is used throughout the project.

The Grange

The Grange, Dublin, Ireland has 228 apartments (phase 1). Developers choose Uponor PEX for its flexible plumbing solutions.

Waters Edge

The Watersedge development in Weymouth offers all the mod conveniences such as contemporary kitchens and granite work surfaces.

West Bay

West Bay in Bridport is a primary example of modern living. It utilises the sustainable technology of underfloor heating and flexible installation plastic pipework.
Dervus Modular Volumetric Systems

Dervus Modular Volumetric Systems

Construction of residential buildings has become much easier than you have imagined before thanks to Modular Volumetric Systems technology provided by company DERVUS Design.