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Toyota Park, Bridgeview, IL, USA

Toyota park features Uponor PEX turf conditioning system

Toyota Park, the fourth major soccer-specific field in the United States, features a state-of-the-art Uponor turf-conditioning system that keeps the playing surface in excellent condition year-round, no matter the weather or temperature. The system circulates a warm, water-and-glycol mixture through PEX tubing buried underground. The intent is to warm the root zone beneath the grass so the playing surface remains soft and forgiving to falling players, even at sub-freezing temperatures.The radiant heating system consists of roughly 28 miles (nearly 150,000 linear feet) of ¾" Wirsbo hePEX™ tubing, that serpentines from end zone to end zone, eight inches on center and ten inches below the 200-foot by 425-foot playing surface. The only connections are at the copper manifolds, positioned at the south end of the field, where each PEX loop begins and ends -- thus removing potential service issues to outside the playing area. The copper headers are fitted with stub-outs at the factory for making the PEX connections, saving substantial time on the job site.

Project facts

Bridgeview, IL, USA
Sports facilities
Completion: 2006

Uponor Involvement

Project highlights

  • Fourth major soccer-specific field in the United States
  • Features an Uponor turf-conditioning system
  • Warm fluid circulates through PEX tubing buried underground
  • Keeps playing surface in excellent condition year-round

Products used

  • 85,000 square feet
  • 142,800 feet of ¾" Wirsbo hePEX™ tubing
  • 168 loops at 850 feet per loop
  • ProPEX® fittings

PEX turf conditioning preserves natural turf all year long

Four heating zones

Like the interior of a home or a large office, the field is segmented into four heating zones, also running the length of the field from goal to goal. Each zone contains 42 loops and two temperature sensors that sit within underground boxes connected to one another with plastic conduit. If any underground sensors ever need to be repaired, all eight are on a GPS (Global Positioning System), according to Bennett, enabling service personnel to pinpoint the positions of the underground boxes to within 18 inches. “We also provide a complete photo log of the boxes’ installation, which should also help in locating them,” he says.

On sunny days, the demand for warmth varies from zone to zone, depending on the position of the sun. The sensors in each zone communicate an average demand back to a series of control valves, which modulate the flow of warm water in response. The objective is to keep the root system at a consistently comfortable 65°F, says Bennett. “The field is warm and moist enough that it can actually grow grass in December or even January,” he remarks. “The freezing point for the glycol mixture is minus-25 degrees, so the system can be filled with fluid year-round, without the hassle and expense of draining and re-filling it prior to each season.”

The field is warm and moist enough that it can actually grow grass in December or even January.

Toyota Park

Toyota Park Exterior image

Project information

Project information

Project Type
New building
Building Type
Sports facilities

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Siguldas sporta komplekss, Sigulda

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"Žalgirio" Arena

"Žalgirio" Arena

With an area of 39,684 m2 the Žalgirio Arena is the biggest multi-functional arena in the Baltic States. A huge range of events, from sports to entertainment, takes place here. The arena is situated on Nemunas Island in the Nemunas River which flows through the city of Kaunas.
While the arena was first and foremost designed as a sports complex, it also caters for concerts and other events. Apart from the grand arena which holds up to 17 000 people, the center has an amphitheater for smaller scale events, arts and multimedia spaces, a fitness club, a restaurant, cafés and a bar. Exceptionally good acoustics and sophisticated technical solutions make it a modern, internationally renowned venue.
It was opened in 2011 and is the result of a collaboration between Kaunas City Council and architect Eugenijus Miliūnas. Since its opening, it has attracted a large crowds. In the first 15 months alone, one million people visited the Žalgirio Arena.


BREEAM certification

Kaunas Zalgiris Arena is the 1st arena in the world which has received an "BREEAM In-Use” certification. This assessment shows that the building is energy-efficient, environmentally friendly and properly managed.
Two parts audit of Zalgiris arena lasted 8 months - building itself and its management process were evaluated. Arena was granted certificate "very good" (BREEAM In-Use).

Stavanger Concert Hall

September 2012 saw the opening of a fantastic palace of culture, Stavanger Concert Hall, right by the waterfront in Sandvigå bay, in the heart of the oil city of Stavanger. The building was designed by Ratio Arkitekter. The concert hall is made up of two parts: a glass orchestral auditorium and a concrete multi-use arena. This means that the building's two parts are acoustically insulated from each other, making it possible to hold two concerts at the same time. The auditoriums have different designs. The ceilings can be raised and lowered in the auditoriums, and they are fitted with adjustable wall hangings in order to achieve acoustic perfection. The concert auditorium can seat an audience of 1,500, but has a maximum capacity of 1,900. The concert hall also contains a café, restaurant, several bars and a large outdoor amphitheatre.

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Following the general reconstruction, the Ondrej Nepela Ice Arena in Bratislava, Slovakia, is now equipped with the Uponor MLC system for tap water installation. The investor decided to use Uponor products because of their proven quality and effective and quick installation. Altogether 20,600 metres of Uponor MLC pipes were been installed at the hockey stadium, covering pipes of dimensions from 16 up to 90 mm.

Ashville Sports Centre, Harrogate

As part of a £3million project, Ashville Sports Centre will be redeveloped by September 2017.
Once completed, the sports centre will boast a significantly enlarged gymnasium, a studio, 9 changing facilities, a reception/café area and new staff offi ces. The swimming
pool will also be redecorated and receive much needed maintenance.

CEF headquarters, Durham

When national electrical wholesaler company, City Electrical Factors (CEF), decided to invest in construction of a new 3,500m2 headquarters to provide a more contemporary, fit for purpose and environmentally efficient office environment, the resulting design from architect Faulkner Brown was a very conceptual, fair faced concrete building.
Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester

Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester

The innovative building, incorporates three individual towers and two atria and  boasts not only world-class teaching and learning facilities for students, staff and businesses, but also catering and leisure areas for all students, and conference venues which will draw companies and industry associations from across Europe and beyond.
Training field for FC Shakhtar

Training field for FC Shakhtar

Uponor is a lead producer of HVAC systems for the different building solutions. But our products applications are not limited indoor climate only.
At the time of “Donbass Arena” construction works in Donetsk, Ukraine, the football field heating was arranged by Uponor pipes. A little bit later the FC “Shakhtar” team was forced to leave this Stadium and there was a need for another training ground. In August 2018, the construction of its own modern training field for FC Shakhtar football players began in Kyiv-Svyatoshinsky district near Kyiv.
The general contractor was the specialized company LLC "ENGO", headed by the owner Norbert Zatko, who is known for the construction of sports facilities of this level. The engineering networks made by Pump Service Company – the LLC “ENGO” partner from Czech Republic, which was involved and has already built several similar facilities earlier together with this contractor. The Uponor Meltaway system, which consists of 25 mm diameter pipes, was used to heat the football field lawn. The total length of the pipes is more than 30 km. Due to this it becomes possible to use the football field year round and in any weather.