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Promoting water security in India

Water scarcity is an issue many tribal communities in India still face today. Joining forces with the Indian Raah Foundation, Uponor helps bring consistent access to clean water to rural villages suffering from water scarcity. The joint Project Malhar supports water sustainability through the construction and repair of check dams, wells and bore wells in the Maharashtra region.

"Water security issues are life-threatening. That is why at Uponor, we fully support the focus on clean water and proper sanitation for everyone, everywhere. We are elated to support such an important cause"

Dr Karsten Hoppe (President of Building Solutions Europe)

Water scarcity in the Maharashtra region

The Maharashtra region in India sees some of the highest rainfall in the country.

However, the mountainous landscape makes it flow away almost immediately without structures for water storage. This results in water security issues for the locals for most of the year outside the Monsoon season.

Consistent access to drinking water in India’s poor and dry regions has a crucial social impact and transforms the local's quality of life.

2 billion people

50 and 100 litres of water per day

907.5 million litres per year

2 billion people worldwide do not have consistent access to clean drinking water.

For drinking, personal and household hygiene, laundry, and food preparation, every person needs between 50 and 100 litres of water per day. The considered water-scarce only have access to about 5 litres per day.

The efforts of the Raah Foundation have led to an overall water capacity of 907.5 million litres per year in 95 different villages.

Impact on communities

This intervention has greatly impacted the lives of the communities:
  • 325 households
  • 1691 people
  • 975 cattle

Restoration of 31.06 million litres of water

Uponor's involvement has resulted in the restoration of 31.06 million litres of water. In addition to providing water, the new structures give locals more time and opportunity to engage in other activities such as farming throughout the year.

Let the locals speak

The availability of water will make my village beautiful. We all will be able to work in agriculture from now on and earn a good income. On behalf of the entire Pimpalpada village, I am hugely thankful to Raah Foundation and Uponor.”
Mahadu Gavit, Villager

Feedback from the project managers

Water scarcity is a challenge for the community every year. They have accepted the reality and are working hard to fulfil their water needs with the support of Uponor and Raah Foundation. A community owned well will ensure drinking water access for the villagers.”
Ramesh Bhoye, Project Supervisor

With the support of Uponor, we are able to provide relevant structures such as open wells and repair of check dams in these villages. This will definitely help the community, as the availability of water will provide better livelihood opportunities locally and improve the villagers’ lives as well as the future of their children.”
Rahul Ahir, Project Manager

Raah Foundation

The Raah Foundation aims to improve the lives of India’s villages by redefining and redirecting water usage. The Raah Foundation works with locals and entrusts them with the responsibility of managing water usage and maintaining the structures in the long term. Since it was founded in 2011, the efforts of the Mumbai-based NGO have had a great social impact and ensured water security for 30,000 people.

The Raah Foundation’s work takes on social responsibility, enabling tribal communities to live in their villages without having to migrate to the cities because of water scarcity.

“Making these villages water-secure is the only sustainable way forward. We are honoured by Uponor's support and generosity to change the lives of those affected by water scarcity.”

Dr Sarika Kulkarni (Founder Raah Foundation)

Water sustainability is close to our heart

Sustainable Solutions

We offer solutions that help our customers to reach their environmental targets.

Sustainable development goals

We are committed to the UNs development goals and have identified four for a meaningful impact.

Our journey towards carbon neutrality

We track and systematically cut our greenhouse gas emissions along our value chain and have defined a clear path and milestones forward.