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Beginner’s Guide to Underfloor Heating in Bathrooms

Whether you are moving into a new house or planning to do some alterations to your bathroom, underfloor heating (UFH) is a great investment that should be considered thanks to its low running costs.
Also, having an underfloor heating system in your wet room brings you comfort and adds value to your property.
To help give you a greater understanding, our beginner’s guide to underfloor heating in bathrooms will cover the following topics:


What is bathroom underfloor heating?

Bathroom underfloor heating is a form of central heating that uses hydronic or electrical heating elements embedded in the floor of your bathroom. It can be used to simply warm your bathroom floor or act as a primary heat source, replacing the need for radiators.

Underfloor heating is becoming increasingly common, with research indicating that it is heading for between 4-6% growths over the next four years. This also applies to bathroom underfloor heating where the main principle is to keep you warm from the moment you leave your shower or bath.


How does underfloor heating work in a bathroom?

Whether you choose to have an electric underfloor heating, or a hydronic based underfloor heating, the heating system works by heating the floor through radiation in turn satisfying the set room temperature with a controller.


What is the difference between hydronic underfloor heating and electric underfloor heating?

Hydronic underfloor heating works by pumping warm water through the pipes within the sub floor from the central heating system. Electric underfloor heating (also called ‘wire systems’) is linked to the thermostat and main power supply of the house, and the heating is produced by electric mats that are linked together to heat up the floor.

If you compare both systems, you’ll find that hydronic underfloor heating is more efficient to run when installed, but electric UFH has a faster heat up response.

Uponor Comfort E is an electric underfloor heating solution, which is easy to set up and use. Incorporating the flattest sew up mat on the market, Comfort E can be installed discretely and with minimal hassle.


What flooring types are suitable with underfloor heating?

Tiles such as ceramics, stone and slates are better suited to underfloor heating, alongside laminate floor types like Amtico and Karndean.
If you prefer having your bathroom floor with carpet instead of tiles, it is recommended to look for a carpet and underlay that have a thermal resistance of less than 1.5 tog value, to help prevent any thermal resistance for the UFH.


How much does UFH cost and is it worth it?

Costs for UFH systems vary but a guide price would be approx. £20 per SQM for hydronic UFH and £15 per SQM for electric UFH. These guide prices are for the UFH system only and other sub floor materials will be required. Uponor can advise on floor make ups needed.

Underfloor heating can be reasonably priced when being installed into a bathroom. Most bathrooms now have a towel rail or radiator to satisfy required room temperatures, but UFH can add - with little cost - more comfort and more space to your bathroom.


Where should I put my underfloor heating thermostat in my bathroom?

Underfloor heating can be controlled by a thermostat in individual rooms, however electrical regulations prohibit the installation of the thermostat within the bathroom itself. One such solution would be to install a floor sensor under the tiled bathroom floor, controlled externally in another room.

The best place to put your UFH thermostat should be on a wall in a room where the highest heat losses are. For more information check out our article ‘Everything you need to know about UK thermostats’.

Check out Uponor’s thermostat range here.

Having a UFH for your bathroom is not just growing in standard housing but it is also becoming a must-have feature within luxury high-rise developments for many reasons such as:
  • Energy efficiency- Space saving
  • Low maintenance
  • Comfort
  • Environmentally Sustainable
If you would like to obtain a quote on our hydronic underfloor heating system or Comfort E heating system, contact us at