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Drinking water delivery

PE-X Pipes & Plumbing Fittings

Quick & Easy Shrink Fit Pipe

Uponor PE-X pipe – The world’s first, best and most widely used pipe

Ideal for both commercial and domestic plumbing installations, Uponor’s PE-X  Quick & Easy system can be used for the hygienic delivery of drinking water, heating systems and chilled water systems. It has been tested to many national and international standards and holds full UK WRAS certification.

There are currently three different methods for manufacturing PE-X, known in the industry as PE-Xa, PE-Xb and PE-Xc:

PE-Xa (Peroxide)- 70% (Uponor PE-Xa up to 85%) crosslinking

PE-Xb (Silane)- 65% crosslinking

PE-Xc (Electron Beam)- 60% crosslinking

What really separates Uponor PE-Xa pipe from the competition is its high degree of crosslinking. This ensures greater flexibility in tight installation spots and better resistance to stress than either PE-Xb or PE-Xc pipe materials.

Application areas:

  • Tap water connections
  • Radiator connections
  • Ideal for new builds and renovations


  • Uponor PE-Xa Combi pipe- 12-63mm

Uponor PE-Xa Combi Pipe Specification

Uponor Aqua pipe

Uponor Radi pipe

Uponor Combi Pipe




Usage for drinking water

Usage for radiator connection/fancoils

Usage for radiant heating and cooling

Available in coils

Available in straight bars

Pressure rating PN 6

Pressure rating PN 10

Max. permanent operating temperature

70 °C



Max. operating pressure

10 bar

10 bar

Tap water: 10 bar Heating: 6 bar

Dimensions in mm

15 - 110

16 - 110

13 - 63

Insulated pipes in dimension (in mm)

16, 20, 25

16, 20, 25

Pipe in pipe as 16, 20, 25

Features and benefits of Uponor PE-Xa Combi Pipe

Quick & Easy Shrink-Fit jointing technology for PE-Xa pipes

Push Q&E fitting onto pex pipe
The Uponor Q&E fitting is a jointing concept that relies on the unique elastic features of Uponor PEX-pipe to create a joint that is stronger than the pipe itself.
The unique shape memory of Uponor PEX-piping forms a tight seal around the fitting creating a strong reliable connection within seconds.
  • Available in a range of high performance PPSU and threaded brass fittings for pipe dimensions up to 63 mm 
  • Quick & Easy pipe may also be used with Uponor’s range of compression fittings
  • Low pressure loss
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Extremely reliable connection
  • Easy to connect Q&E to copper, steel and other plastic based systems
Milwaukee M12

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Quick & Easy system

Uponor PEX Pipe System Resources

Uponor Quick and Easy Guide

Uponor Quick and Easy Guide

Learn more about Quick and Easy range of fittings

PDF 980 KB
Uponor plumbing systems and hygiene installation

Uponor plumbing systems and hygiene installation


Uponor PEX piping systems

Uponor PEX piping systems

Technical information


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