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Uponor PEX Pipe Blue

World´s first bio-based PEX pipes

Same outstanding product characteristics as our conventional PEX pipes

Reduced CO2 footprint of up to 90% compared to fossil-based PEX Pipes on the market

World´s first bio-based PEX pipe* - Uponor PEX Pipe Blue

With PEX Pipes Blue, Uponor sets a new standard in the transition to renewable raw materials. PEX Pipes Blue are the world´s first bio-based PEX pipes* on the market. The new pipes feature a reduced carbon footprint of up to 90% compared to fossil-based PEX pipes.

This initiative with a reduced carbon footprint helps our customers make sustainable choices, set new standards and achieve their environmental goals. Uponor PEX Pipes Blue offer our customers the opportunity to lead the way to green building and contribute to a sustainable construction industry.

* with ISCC certification, based on the mass balance approach

Comfort Pipe Plus Blue

Comfort Pipe Plus Blue

Environmental product declaration (EPD)

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FAQs - Your questions and our answers

There are renewable feedstock not suitable for consumption such as non-food crops and waste/residue streams in use, for example used cooking oil.