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Stades de Bienne,

Stades de Bienne


The Stades de Bienne gives Biel a brand-new, versatile meeting point for sport, culture, business, eating and shopping and is attracting visitors from all over the region. Due to open in 2015, Uponor AG Schweiz has contributed to this project by providing thermoactive building component systems (TABS).

Biel/Bienne, Switzerland
Building Type
Sports facilities
Product systems
Radiant Heating & Cooling
Tissot Arena
Project Type
New building

On one of the largest building sites in Switzerland, the country's first ever multifunctional sport arena has been constructed in Biel, bringing together ice hockey/ice skating, curling and football under one roof. The surrounding area is home to a wide range of shopping, entertainment and leisure options.

This trendsetting building provides local ice hockey and football clubs, EHC Biel and FC Biel, plus the Biel skating club and curlers with a highly modernised home equipped with brand-new facilities. In addition, it also serves as a large arena for sport, culture, events, conferences, trade fairs, catering, specialist markets and entertainment. For more information, visit www.stades-de-bienne.com.

Uponor AG Schweiz has supplied thermoactive building component systems (TABS) for this project. The TABS system provides concrete core thermal regulation with a capacity for storage, and is primarily used in commercial buildings. This modern and high-quality system uses the storage capacity of concrete slabs to provide effective heating and cooling. The system is highly regarded by users and only incurs minimal investment and operating costs, while providing optimal use of regenerative energy sources. The components in this system are largely maintenance-free and offer complete freedom for flexible room design. For more info, visit www.uponor.ch/tabs

Stades de Bienne

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