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Tea Break Guide to Underfloor Heating

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Have you ever considered adding underfloor heating to your home? It’s proven to reduce your energy bills, makes designing the layout of your rooms much easier and gives off more warmth than radiators. Did we also mention it can add value to your property.

While homeowners just like you recently said underfloor heating is fourth on their list of things they’d love to have in their property, our own research showed two fifths of you still aren’t quite sure what it is, how it works, the different systems available and how to get it installed. Sound like you? If so, carry on reading. 

To help you out, we have created our ‘Tea Break Guide to Underfloor Heating’ which tells you all you need to know in less than five minutes, including the benefits, the best solution for your home, and how to make it happen! So, if you are among those who think underfloor heating will burn your feet, why not grab a drink and have a read?