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Uponor introduces the Hybrid Variable Refrigerant Flow (HVRF)

Recent developments in heating and cooling technologies have given rise to the introduction of a new system for use in residential developments and other occupied buildings such as hotels and offices. The recently introduced HVRF (Hybrid Variable Refrigerant Flow) systems, which allows delivering, heating and cooling simultaneously for maximum comfort, are an evolution of the traditional VRF system.

Hybrid Variable Refrigerant Flow is a two-pipe heat recovery system that replaces refrigerant with water between the Hybrid Branch Controller (HBC) and the indoor units. This makes HVRF easy and quick to install using the same control and network as traditional VRF systems. In comparison to a traditional VRF system that uses refrigerant gasses throughout the whole building, the ‘hybrid’ element of the new systems, describes the use of water in the majority of the energy distribution pipework. Using water carrying pipework in the occupied areas of a building gives an enhanced safety for the building’s occupants and also means that less gas detecting safety systems are required.

Due to the strive to provide a highly energy efficient installation, the manufacturers of the new HVRF systems have chosen to use a small energy saving pump to circulate the water around the system to the air conditioning units elsewhere in the building. To ensure that the whole system works effectively, the chosen water pipes must ensure the lowest possible pressure losses throughout the whole circulation from the HBC to the fan coil and back to the BCU.

Uponor’s 25mm MLC with 13mm BL-S2-D0 insulation comes in coils of 50m and can be installed from the BCU to the fan coil with no need for connections in between the two units. Fewer connections in the whole system ensures the lowest possible pressure losses and also reduces cost and installation times.

The special 13mm BL-S2-D0 insulation, not only ensures minimal energy losses between the BCU and the fan coil, but also gives an increased safety in the event of a fire. The Euro-classification of reaction to fire is BL-S2-D0 which is accepted in the National Building Regulations and exceeds the performance required for the insulation to be considered equivalent to a British National Class 0 product. The final feature of the 25mm pre-insulated MLC is the outer vapour barrier. This sturdy plastic foil not only protects the insulation during the installation, but this is also important to provide a continuous vapour barrier which is especially important when carrying the chilled water when the system is in the cooling mode.

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