Uponor now offers PP-RCT pipe and fittings

Greater performance, efficiencies and job site safety

Introducing a commercial polymer solution from one trusted source

This is an exciting time for Uponor and the commercial piping industry. Now, engineers, contractors and building owners can design, install and benefit from a superior, all-polymer PEX and PP-RCT piping system from one reliable source.


A complete and high-performing solution

With Uponor PP-RCT, commercial HVAC professionals across North America now have a large-diameter piping system that works seamlessly with Uponor PEX systems.

With the addition of over 300 new product items, available in sizes from ½" to 12", this system delivers unmatched ease, durability and safety, backed by the industry’s best design and technical expertise.

Expert support every step of the way

The Uponor Construction Services team is an extension of your own, partnering to ensure your buildings and projects are well designed, coordinated, and supported from kickoff through post-construction.


What PP-RCT is used for

Uponor PP-RCT is light in weight and reliable in strength, making it an ideal choice for commercial applications, such as:

  • Hydronic heating hot-water piping
  • Chilled-water piping
  • Industrial applications

Bridge Snow Melt System with PP-RCT and PEX

See how the UVU pedestrian bridge used PP-RCT and PEX to make the walkway winter-safe


Benefits of Uponor PP-RCT and system support

Bid confidently

Know your material costs up front with stable pricing that doesn’t fluctuate with market changes.

Protect workers

Lightweight solution keeps workers safer with a system that weighs up to 80% less than steel.

Safeguard your business

Increase confidence with a joining system that cannot be dry fit, doesn’t use open flame or need fire watch.

Streamline projects

Leverage Uponor Construction Services to produce projects that meet owners’ demands and perform reliably for decades.

Support at every stage

Proceed confidently with expert training, technical support and a complete library of online resources.

Comprehensive warranty

Gain peace of mind with a 10-year system warranty on Uponor PP-RCT pipe and fittings.

Connect with an Uponor rep

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