Solutions you can count on

The Uponor Guarantee

Building with confidence.

At Uponor, we understand the quality of products you choose is critical for your success. We’ve spent decades doing research and continuous testing on our products as well as gaining insight into our customers’ needs. As a result, our products adhere to strict quality standards. The Uponor Guarantee is built on a strong belief that our product is customer-focused and provides the best PEX pipe and fitting system on the market. With a low level of failures for customers, pressure testing guidelines written for engineers and one of the easiest, most reliable connection methods for installers, Uponor is built to be competitive and compatible with any project and any professional.

Solutions you can count on

Uponor ProPEX®

Uponor created the design for the revolutionary PEX expansion connection standard that the industry uses today — ASTM F1960. Other PEX expansion fittings claim they’re compliant to F1960, but that doesn’t mean they’re tested and listed to the standard.


Uponor's innovative product solutions and technology that make radiant installations easier, faster, and more efficient.


Uponor PP-RCT is a large-diameter solution for domestic hot and cold water, hydronic heating and cooling, and more.

Uponor TotalFit™

Uponor TotalFit is a unique, push-to-connect fitting designed to simplify service calls and repiping projects.

Smatrix Pulse

Precise wireless control of radiant floor heating and forced-air heating and cooling systems using a thermostat, smart home, or app. Eliminate thermostat wiring hassles and enjoy faster, easier installs.

Uponor AquaPort™

Convert a building's hydronic heating supply to on-demand domestic hot water, increasing energy efficiency and minimizing water waste.

Quality you can trust

Beyond just the PEX pipe, Uponor ProPEX® systems are designed for strength and durability, providing a connection system more professionals rely on for their plumbing needs. Uponor AquaPEX® plumbing systems provide the most efficient use of materials for the most effective water delivery system — all backed by a 25-year transferable limited warranty. Uponor is a premier solution for all piping and fitting needs. Our entire system is designed and manufactured to provide reliability you can trust.

Pressure testing for performance reliability

In accordance with ASTM F876, the minimum hydrostatic burst pressure for PEX pipe at 73.4°F (23°C) is 480 psi for ½" pipe and 475 psi for ¾" pipe and larger. Uponor PEX-a pipe undergoes extensive quality testing daily to ensure it exceeds the ASTM F876 industry standards for burst pressures and consistently tests to nearly double the burst pressure requirement.

Backed by a 25-year transferable warranty

Our systems are tested to rigorous industry and internal standards, proving that it’s unlikely that your Uponor system will fail, burst, or experience any issues. We are so confident in our products and solutions that we back them with a 25-year transferable limited warranty.

Uponor warranty information

Systems designed to last for decades

With Uponor AquaPEX Red pipe available for hot potable-water applications and Uponor AquaPEX White with Red Print or Blue Print available for hot and cold plumbing systems, we design our systems for ease of use during installation and decades of reliable service. 

It’s a fact: stronger connections create reliable, high-performing systems. With the shape memory of Uponor PEX, the pipe and expansion ring are always wanting to return to their original shape. That means when the pipe and ring are expanded before inserting a fitting, the shape memory keeps a strong radial force around the fitting, continuing to provide a solid connection for the life of the system. Best of all, ProPEX fittings do not require torches, glues, solvents, or gauges, which makes homes and job sites safer and more sustainable.  

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