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Estudo de caso

Deltagest srl warehouse, Montelupo Fiorentino, Italy

Deltagest srl warehouse

Dados do projeto

Montelupo Fiorentino, Italy
Retail - Comercial
Climatização Invisível
Conclusão: 2009

Envolvimento da Uponor


Radiant Underfloor Heating & Cooling system for a warehouse.

In industrial and commercial settings, reduction of heating costs is highly dependent on making optimal use of surface area and space. Therefore, an intelligent heating solutions has to cope with budget restrictions. In addition, static and dynamic stress caused by machinery, vehicles and shelves, imposes extra requirements that any kind of infrastructural solution has to meet. With all their advantages, industrial underfloor heating solutions by Uponor are the most worthwhile system.

Date of the project:

End user: Deltagest Ltd.

Entrepreneur: Stes Ltd.

Heat Technology: Studio Tecnoingegno - PI Giuseppe Bugetti

Installer: Emiliano Giaccherini

Agency: Salvatore Representations

Wholesaler: Palagini Piero & Sons LTD Branch of Signa (FI)

Installed Uponor solutions:

Performato panel:  30-2 / 18-410 sq.m.

MLC pipe 16x2 - 4000 m

Deltagest srl warehouse


Informações do projeto

Informações do projeto

Zona industriale le Pratelle
Tipo de projeto
Novo edifício
Tipo de edifício
Retail - Comercial



Deltagest srl

Stes srl

Studio Termotecnico - PI Giuseppe Bugetti

Emiliano Giaccherini

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