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Uponor MLC pipes at Erikslund Shopping Centre, Sweden, Västerås, Sweden

Uponor MLC pipes at Erikslund Shopping Centre, Sweden

Dados do projeto

Västerås, Sweden
Retail - Comercial
Sistema Multicamada
Conclusão: 2011

Envolvimento da Uponor

IKEA is at one end of the building, and the food giant City Gross at the other end, with around 80 shops and restaurants in between. The objective is to attract five million visitors per year.


IKEA’s existing store in Västerås, which opened in 1984, was too small. Jointly with Ikano Retail, a decision was made to build a new store with space both for IKEA and other retailers. A new junction along the E18 was built and large amounts of rock had to be blasted away to make room for the 100,000m2 shopping centre.


In spring 2010 the construction of the shopping centre started and the first delivery of MLC pipes was made from Uponor to Västerås Rörtjänst AB, who were contracted to carry out the piping and cooling installations. The installations are designed to use five metre lengths in dimensions of 16–110mm. In total, 25,000 metres of MLC piping was used. Erikslund Shopping Centre offers 3,500 parking places in covered and open-air car parks. In order to streamline the shopping experience and improve security in winter, Uponor surface heating systems were also installed in the garage ramp area and in loading and unloading zones. The installation comprises nearly 5,600 metres of Meltaway PEX piping.


Tommy Wallin of Västerås Rörtjänst AB was in charge of the work. “Thanks to Uponor’s composite pipes we were able to complete the installations 30 per cent faster than if we had used copper pipes,” says Tommy. “This means a saving of around 4,900 man hours by using Uponor’s MLC pipes.”

“In addition, the pipes are ergonomically advantageous to work with and do not entail any hot work,” Wallin continues.

About Uponor MLC tap water and radiator systems

• Easy to work with for the fitter (up to 30 per cent faster to install than copper)
• Estimated life 50 years
• Tolerates all types of water quality
• Cost-effective solution
• Does not rust
• The five layers of the composite pipes combine the advantages of plastic and metal pipes
• Form-stable and can be bent and flexed
• Hygienic
• The widest range of composite pipes on the market dimensioned 16–110 mm

About Uponor 

With solid experience, product know-how and specialist expertise, Uponor sets the standard for private and public projects. We work behind the scenes, but the results of our knowledge and products are encountered on a daily basis. Uponor plumbing offers functional, environmentally friendly solutions for heating, water and cooling that improve people’s quality of life. Following many years in the industry, we know that expertise and commitment are our most important assets when it comes to developing and improving our systems and our clients’ projects. As an Uponor client, you will also have access to skilful technical support, a strong local market organisation and our own centre of expertise, Uponor Academy.

Uponor MLC pipes at Erikslund Shopping Centre, Sweden

Erikslund Shopping

Informações do projeto

Informações do projeto

Tipo de projeto
Novo edifício
Tipo de edifício
Retail - Comercial



Västerås Rörtjänst AB

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