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Estudo de caso

Residenze del Parco Santa Giulia, Milano, Italy

Residenze del Parco Santa Giulia

Dados do projeto

Milano, Italy
Retail - Comercial
Climatização Invisível
Conclusão: 2008

Envolvimento da Uponor


A project that focused also on a green aspect. The new buildings, infact, face a park. The new neighborhood in the suburbs of Milan near the Rogoredo station is an ambitious project. It consists of a residenzial center, composed of 35 buildings of 9 floors each, that will give a home to about six thousands people. A project that focused also on a green aspect. The new buildings, infact, face a park.

A gross floor area of ​​153 262 meters, of which four thousand dedicated to commercial businesses and the rest to apartments. Clearly, therefore, the intention has been to prepare this new district of Milan mainly for families. Also activities related to leisure, avoiding the risk that the residences become a bedroom community.

The focus on the well-being resulted to choose for most of the apartments floor heating. The solution from Uponor which has been installed is the performato 30 and 11 line. It is easy to install, has full set of accessories and safety in the results in terms of comfort. The system also provides excellent soundproofing floors.

Residenze del Parco Santa Giulia


Informações do projeto

Informações do projeto

Tipo de projeto
Novo edifício
Tipo de edifício
Retail - Comercial



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Caputo Partnership

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