Uponor Romania
Uponor Romania
Birou Bucuresti: Splaiul Unirii 76, parter, Sector 4, Bucureşti
Birou Cluj: B-dul Brâncuși, Nr. 174, Et. 3, 400462, Cluj Napoca

Jinonický dvůr, 2nd stage,
Czech Republic

2. Stage of the Jinonický dvůr project in Prague 5

Reconstruction of the historic building into 46 apartments and 4 studios using Uponor products.
These are modern apartments created in a historical building. The Uponor Unipipe PLUS a system was used inside the buildings for a complete solution of water distribution and heating Uponor MLC in dimensions from 16 to 63 mm. In small dimensions, the system was already used in a pre-insulated version to speed up assembly. A connection is made between the objects using a pre-insulated pipe Ecoflex Thermo and Aqua.

Prague, Czech Republic
Tip de clădiri
Apartment buildings
Product systems
Local Heat Distribution, Sisteme de țevi multistrat, Multilayer Plumbing Systems, Pre-insulated Pipe (Ecoflex)
Na Vidouli 1/1, Prague
Tipul proiectului

Reconstruction of a historic building with historic preservation and construction of 46 apartments with commercial buildings and studios

During the renovation of the cultural monument, particular emphasis was placed on hygienic pipes that meet the requirements and guidelines for drinking water. And that's why we used our unique Uni Pipe Plus multilayer pipe system for drinking water installation, which boasts a smoothly pressed aluminum layer. This means that the water pipe does not have a welded seam and has a different composition and properties than, for example Uponor PE-Xa. We supply composite pipes in rods or coils. The advantage of this system is 100% resistance to oxygen diffusion, simple handling, low weight and, above all, high shape stability and flexibility in bending.

Jinonický dvůr, 2nd stage

Jinonický dvůr, 2nd stage
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