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Pušų Terasos (Pine Terraces),

Pušų Terasos (Pine Terraces)

Pušų Terasos (Pine terraces) is a multi-family residential building complex near the Baltic Sea in Klaipėda, Lithuania
"Pušų terasos" is a modern apartment complex in Klaipėda, Melnragė. The project consists of three residential buildings located near the dunes, just 200 metres from the sea shore, so that the residents of the apartment buildings can enjoy the sea every day.

Klaipėda, Lithuania
Tip de clădiri
Apartment buildings
Product systems
Încălzire & răcire radiantă, Radiant Heating & Cooling, Instalații PEX
Număr de etaje
Antrosios Melnragės g. 10
Tipul proiectului
Clădire nouă

In terms of location and reliable technological solutions, it is really difficult to find such a place on the Lithuanian seaside, so the apartments were bought instantly, as soon as the sale was announced. 
The Pušų Terasos project, which was launched in 2021, consists of 3 houses with 12 apartments each. The area of each house is 500 m2.
The apartments are heated geothermally and cooled passively by boreholes, with Uponor heating and cooling systems. In some of the apartments, cooling is not only provided through the floors, but also through the ceilings, with ceiling cooling systems, and indoor climate control systems to prevent dew deposition by cooling the apartments during the warmer months. 

Uponor products were chosen for the Pine Terraces project because of the convenience of completeness of the systems, such as solutions for heating and cooling, the anti-condensation collectors, the PEX heating and cooling trunks, the PEX pipes and the Uponor Radio indoor climate control system.

Multi-family buildings have all the features of innovative systems, such as cost-effectiveness, eco-friendliness, energy savings and exceptional comfort in both winter and summer. 
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