Uponor underfloor heating system for apartment buildings

Uponor has created a new standard for high-rise buildings and underfloor heating by combining new and proven components. The Uponor 10 bar underfloor heating system is innovative and responding to the requirements and trends in the construction industry.

It can be ideally used in apartment buildings and high-rise buildings. Our elements aim to form an efficient system that makes planning and installation easier, more economical and more convenient.

Application area

The first water-based underfloor heating system for high-rise and apartment buildings to be approved and certified for operation at 10 bar.

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Assortment overview

New productsUponor Comfort Pipe PN 10, 16x2.2/20x2.8 mm
  • Uponor Vario S manifold ¾ LS
  • Uponor Flex-X adapter plated PEX ¾” FT Euro
  • Uponor Q&E coupling PPSU 16-16/20-20 mm
  • Uponor Vario S actuator ST 24/230V NC FT M30x1.5

Benefits of 10 bar underfloor heating system

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Integrated system. New standard.

  • Tested and certified 10 bar underfloor heating system for apartment buildings and high rise buildings
  • Smart combination of new and already proven components
  • Based on new standard
  • Easier planning of the entire building heating concept
  • Installation-oriented
  • Efficiency-oriented

Products for 10 bar underfloor heating system

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Underfloor heating systems in residential and commercial buildings which mainly require heating are often the first choice. And since the requirements for the design and function of an underfloor heating can differ very much, Uponor offers tailor-made solutions not only for new buildings, but also for renovation. To increase comfort, these systems can also be used to cool rooms.