Mooreland Care Home, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom

Mooreland Care Home

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Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom
Спортни съоръжения
Лъчисто отопление и охлаждане, Многослойни тръбни системи
Завършване: 2007

Участие на Uponor

Catering for an ageing population is without
question having an impact on the way companies across the UK market their
product to the 'Grey' market. The construction industry is no different, using
its skills to accommodate the growing market for care and residential homes.
Other than the obvious amenities some of the residents require; underfloor
heating offers a number of key benefits that ensures the residents are kept in
the utmost comfort. Uponor Housing Solutions provided the complete solution to
Mooreland Care Home's heating and plumbing needs, offering a product that gave
complete flexibility but at the same time ensured a quality installation.
Having used Uponor MLC before, it seemed like the ideal choice for the £45m
phase 1 development covering 35 rooms per block, which occupies the same site
as the existing care home.

Installer John Kay was extremely specific in the
product needs for the project; they wanted a pipe company that could provide
all pipework from the UFH to the larger diameter service pipework within the
building. The development was carried out with complete precision, used MLC
pipe in the service pipework and PEX20 pipework in the UFH application. The
service pipework; flexible and lightweight to install; allowed John Kay to
complete the job to the highest standard without the need for hotworks, an
important factor in current safety conscious conditions. The domestic pipework
was then bent to form neat 90 degree turns, eliminating the need for additional
fittings, and fitted to fixture with the streamline press fit system.

The installation utilised the new range of colour
coded fittings, that directly replaced the existing Uponor MLCP from September
2007 metal press fittings have a range of sizes in 16mm, 20mm, 25mm and 32mm.
The overall appearance of the joint after compression is neater and cleaner
than any other joint in the market place, and falls apart to give an immediate
visual indication that a secure joint has been made. The many metres of service
pipework, delivered on site in straight lengths could be attached to the
fittings in seconds. The labour savings over traditional methods are
unsurpassed, yet still share a number of key attributes including minimal
expansion properties, vital in large service work.

the UFH is ideal for care homes; the heating is hygienic, by not circulating
bacteria around the room; it is comfortable, maintaining an ambient
temperature; and lastly when combined with Uponor’s new control system, it is
easy to control making the most of tamper proof controls in community areas.


Mooreland Care Home


Информация за проекта

Информация за проекта

United Kingdom
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Barlcay Living Division


John Kay Mechanical

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