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Swedbank Head Office,

Swedbank Head Office

Tap water system in new Swedbank head office.

The new Swedbank head office was built to unite all of the bank’s financial services under one roof. Previously, these had been scattered around the city in as many as nine different buildings. The new building would provide services for private and business clients, organisations, personal banking customers, as well as offices for the bank‘s administrative staff.

Vilnius, Lithuania
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Art des Projekts

Building History

The building was to be located on the right bank of the Neris River, a new development zone in the heart of Vilnius. In spring 2005, an architectural contest organised by the Lithuanian Architects Union awarded the project to architect Audrius Ambrasas for his modern and innovative design. 

The building complex consists of two higher interconnected buildings of 14 and 16 storeys, and one lower building of four storeys which faces the river. One distinctive feature of the new building complex is its openness and accessibility to the public via a 4,500 m² terrace that offers excellent views of the river bank.

Construction began in 2007, and in 2009 the new building opened its doors.

The challenge

A modern, safe and reliable water distribution system was needed for this building complex with its many different uses:

• A ground-floor café for employees, visitors and guests of the bank
• Swedbanks‘s customer services and business centre
• Administrative offices in the higher parts of the buildings
• A four-storey underground car park

Sustainable and aesthetic integration into its river bank location was of high priority for the project from the outset. Energy-efficient, long-lasting systems and materials were needed to ensure that these demands were met.

The solution

Uponor’s PEX pipe water supply system was chosen as the ideal solution for a project of such great complexity.
The Uponor PEX system is made of extremely elastic but firm plastic. This ensures exceptional flexibility and heat resistance qualities. Further advantages include:

• Pipes are designed for reliable and safe long-life service
• No risk of corrosion or deposits in the pipes
• No hazardous materials used in production
• Ease of installation and maintenance

Together these qualities ensure that drinking water reaches the tap in fresh, pure condition. The internal and external robustness of the pipes guarantees the supply of hygienic and pleasantly tasting water where it is needed.

Uponor products used

Uponor PEX water supply system:

• PEX pipes
• Quick & Easy fittings, these include a wide range of manifolds, fittings and accessories

Swedbank Head Office

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