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Ceiling heating and cooling

Fix 9.9 wet installation

Ideal for effective ceiling temperature control

The Minitec wet plaster system is a real all-rounder when it comes to effective, low-cost temperature control. The wet plaster system can be used for both heating and cooling and is also available in a version for walls. When mainly cooling is required, room ceilings can be ideal heat-transferring surfaces. When heating is the main concern, ceilings and walls are equally suitable for room temperature control. The thin layer of plaster used means that the wet plaster system can also be regulated very quickly and easily. Ceiling and wall applications can also be combined as required. The Minitec wet plaster system thus offers you dual benefits: pleasantly cool rooms in summer and cosy warmth in winter.
uponor mintec fix 99


  • Use of Uponor PE-Xa pipes, which have proven themselves over decades
  • Fast-response system thanks to thin plaster layers
  • Low system temperatures mean that the system can also be used with renewable energy sources
  • Requires a thinner plaster layer than similar systems with larger system pipes