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Ceiling heating and cooling

Thermally Activated Building Systems (TABS)

TABS-Innovative, sustainable and cost-efficient

Uponor TABS is a radiant heating and cooling system which use the concrete mass of the building structure to store and exchange thermal energy to the neighbouring areas of the building. 

Cooling or heating water is circulated through the Uponor pipes, which are embedded within the concrete slab of the structure. This noiseless process takes advantage of the exposed surface of the ceiling slab in order to provide cooling or heating to the room below. The system can be used to both heat and cool a building, meaning that in the colder months, heat and in warmer months, cooling is radiated to the space below.

Uponor TABS is designed to handle the basic cooling or heating loads of the buildings, in order to maintain a constantly comfortable indoor climate. Moreover, this solution creates a significantly improved indoor environment benefitting the personal health and work productivity of the occupants. 

The system can operate in tandem with both mechanical and/or natural ventilation systems and is perfect for use with Renewable Energy Sources making it ideally suited for modern, sustainable buildings.

Uponor TABS is a radiant heating and cooling system therefore it does not replace a ventilation system. However, contractors can benefit from 30-50% lower installation costs, due to smaller refrigeration, smaller heating units and reduced air-conditioning ducting. Alongside the installation cost savings, TABS can be up to 30% more cost efficient in the life cycle of a building compared to alternative conventional HVAC systems.

Uponor TABS can work in conjunction with a free hanging radiant panels cooling and heating system for quicker response in dynamic cooling and heating loads. Thermal sockets can be installed in the slab in order to enable cooling/heating and/or peak load elements to be suspended directly from the concrete ceiling. The system has an automatic locking device which means that additional suspended elements can be connected at a later point without having to drain the system first. 

In conclusion, the Uponor TABS create an ideal indoor climate and is cost efficient due to lower investment, maintenance costs and low life cycle cost. Savings can be achieved during the construction phase and during the service lifetime of the building - a contribution to sustainability.
uponor contec ceiling heating and cooling

Uponor TABS in a nutshell

  • Low investment costs
  • Optimal usage of renewable energy sources   
  • Compliant with sustainable certificates for buildings e.g. from LEED, BREEAM and DGNB
  • Almost maintenance free components
uponor contec ts thermic socket

Uponor TABS in a nutshell

  • Keeping in reserve additional thermal energy
  • Flexibility when changing the room or use of the room afterwards/more reliable planning
  • Start up without emptying the plant

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TABS Brochure

TABS Brochure

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Uponor TABS cost comparison brochure

Uponor TABS cost comparison brochure

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Dudley College

Dudley College

Uponor UK supplied TABS to Dudley College

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