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General FAQ

General FAQ's

Yes. There are a number of options available for both Uponor MLCP & Pex pipes. Compression adaptors are often recognised as the easiest option. Note - Thread compatibility must be check

The High Limit thermostat is wired in series with the Under Floor pump and zone valve. In the unlikely event of high temperature water conditions it will cut off the electrical supply to these components.

The Mid position/large line on the dial of the thermostat are 21 Degrees ‘C’ to increase the demand temperature turn the dial Clockwise. The range is from 5 to 35 Degrees C.

Yes this is normal.

Yes there are several ways to repair damaged pipe. This will depend on the size of the pipe work to determine the type of repair options.

Your boiler must be set to a minimum of 15 degrees higher than the set point of the underfloor heating water temperature control. If you are unsure what this is set it to about 70 degrees ‘C’

Uponor recommend for satisfactory Underfloor performance Maximum T.O.G ratings of 2.5 for both underlay and carpet.

Yes you can use a Biomass boiler with under floor heating, however due to the high water temperatures associated with this heat source Water temperature control for the UFH would be required.

The life span of a Thermal actuator can be up to 250,000 cycles of on or off. This can mean a life span up to 20 years.

You can purchase this directly from your local merchant.

Please refer to the engineer finder for a local approved Uponor engineer

If you are using the Uponor low voltage system you will require the Uponor Smatrix BUS cable A-145  On the other hand, if the Uponor thermostats are 230v then you will require a 3 or 4 core cable depending on which thermostat is being installed.

This means that the relay contacts will be free of voltage. Technically, all contacts are voltage free until you connect them to a voltage source. The term "voltage free" means they do not yet have a voltage connected to them so you may provide your own based upon the needs of the apparatus and/or system involved. If you apply 230v to the relay it will switch 230v out of the other contact.

No, your architect will/can complete heat loss calculations.

COMF period is a timed period when the room thermostat will run at its set point. An ECO period is a timed period when the room thermostat will automatically run at a lower set point temperature. This new set point is usually 4 degrees lower than original target temperature.