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Durable, versatile, and innovative

Uponor PEX pipes turn 50

In 1972, Uponor launched the first PEX pipes worldwide and revolutionised the entire industry. 50 years later, the pipes have proven to be resistant and versatile and are not only still around, but continue to be the basis for further sustainable innovations.
  • Uponor introduced cross-linked polyethylene tubing (PEX) in 1972
  • PEX pipes are durable, resistant, and easy to install and handle
  • Uponor launched the first bio-based PEX pipes, PEX Pipes Blue, in 2022
In September of 1972, Uponor (formerly Wirsbo) was the first manufacturer worldwide to launch cross-linked polyethylene pipes, or PEX in short ― a game changer for the industry. In the past 50 years, the durable and non-corrosive material has boasted flexibility and proven to be versatile: able to withstand temperatures of up to 95°C, it is suited for a variety of applications. First used in underfloor heating, PEX pipes are mainly used in heating and cooling systems, tap water and radiator connections today.
Versatile and easy-to-install industry standard
The material’s flexibility makes installation particularly easy: the pipes are delivered on large coils or boxes and can be cut on-site meeting the individual needs. In addition to their outstanding chemical and hygienic properties, PEX also features a thermal memory, the so-called “memory effect”, allowing for a fast and secure connection with the Uponor Q&E fittings that were launched in 1994: Once expanded, the pipes shrink back to their original size around the fittings.
Our PEX pipes were ground-breaking in the 1970s and they have been a success story ever since,” says Luca Schiavio (Senior Director Product Marketing at Uponor). “They have set a standard in the industry and shaped it for decades, and with more than six billion metres of PEX pipe for drinking water, heating and radiant applications installed around the world, Uponor has set a record that remains unrivalled.”
Continuing innovation: PEX Pipes Blue
Even 50 years after its initial launch, Uponor PEX pipes continue to innovate and accelerate sustainability. Earlier this year, Uponor launched PEX Pipes Blue, the world’s first bio-based PEX pipes with ISCC certification based on the mass balance approach. The pipes feature a reduced CO2 footprint of up to 90% compared to fossil-based PEX pipes, while keeping the same outstanding performance, features, and quality. Thanks to the reduced CO2 footprint, Uponor PEX Pipes Blue allow construction projects to be more sustainable.