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What role plays Uponor in delivering smart energy solutions to the construction industry?


What role plays Uponor in delivering smart energy solutions to the construction industry?

In the United Kingdom, gas remain the predominant source of heating (see table below) even though home heating with gas is currently a major source of carbon emission responsible for around 14% of CO2. Currently we have around 22.1 million homes heated with gas boilers.
Despite those high figures the government remain persistent to achieve the net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. However, the question is how can manufacturers play their part in supporting smart energy solution deliverance to all new and existing buildings?

When we talk about ‘smart energy’ we refer to the delivery of low carbon heat energy or reduce carbon emission, cut local pollution and of course consumer bills. According to the Committee on Climate Change, housing is responsible for 14% of carbon emission in the UK, which makes new homes an essential element in the achievement of ‘smart energy building’.

Meeting this target, among others will require manufacturing companies like Uponor to deliver products that constituent a major factor in making heating more energy efficient and sustainable. At Uponor we are aware of the positive impact that low carbon emission has within the industry and we are contributing in achieving the government’s target through the launch of new products such as Ecoflex Thermo VIP, a pipe system which increases the efficiency of the heating network, and also supplying smart heating controls  which can offer enhanced energy efficiency and comfort.

Our input in assisting the government to drive innovation in the construction industry doesn’t stop there, as the development of high efficiency plumbing systems for the supply of a sustainable water is also part of our strategy to reduce the carbon footprint of a building.

The bottom line is that the route to net zero might seem long, challenging and hardworking but if we start addressing this topic immediately and we all play our part in using innovative solutions and products we will progress at giant steps.