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Top four challenges of the construction and HVAC sectors and how Uponor helps its partners to overcome struggles and thrive in changing times

The construction and HVAC sector is undergoing a massive transformation. And if your company managed to stay in business despite these challenges – congratulations! Because whoever belongs to this industry knows how difficult it is to work with many environmental, sociological and technological changes constantly growing in number and complexity.
These challenges can be grouped into four main trends: changing customer demands, selecting the right equipment and keeping up with technology, shortage of skilled workers, and climate changes.


 1. Changed customer demands

The construction vertical and the HVAC sub-sector have noticed in the last years that their customers want more functionality for less budget. The fast-paced world we live in and the growing number of offerings on the market generate customers who are more impatient and demanding. In addition, more people are becoming aware of the importance of sustainability and energy efficiency, which they also include in their requirements.
Today, customers expect HVAC products and services to be:
  • Fair-priced
  • High-quality
  • Modern
  • Efficient
  • Sustainable
Meeting all these needs in a single product or service is not easy. Still, there is a way that leads through innovation and relationship building. HVAC manufacturers and service providers who embrace emerging industry innovations and stay on top of technological advancements are the ones who win the attention of modern customers. However, HVAC companies that also invest in excellent customer service, efficient support, and trust-based relationships have the potential to win customer loyalty. 

2. Selecting the right equipment for modern buildings

When planning heating and cooling, installation designers need to consider many details: the placement of devices, their size, location, building materials, fire protection systems, and more. Management and coordination often struggle in that process because many variables change during the build – from architectural to specific engineering, plumbing, or electrical elements. 
However, lately, HVAC experts need to add another requirement to that list – tech integrations that meet the demands of smart homes and interconnected Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. For example, intelligent houses need heating and cooling solutions that can be connected to software and controlled through a mobile application, which undoubtedly dictates the choice of HVAC equipment.
As a result, modern buildings and homes need highly adaptable, flexible equipment that supports new technologies and is integrated with apps and other software.

3. Shortage of skilled workers in plumbing, heating and cooling 

It's no secret that the entire construction vertical has a significant problem with the shortage of skilled workers. Multiple factors generate this trend. 
One could be found in the educational system that doesn't encourage young people actively enough to pursue HVAC careers. Other reasons are connected to the fast-paced technology development that is hard to keep up with for many construction and HVAC workers, even younger generations. Finally, the construction sector often doesn't offer enough educational and training support for all the new solutions and products on the market.

4. Climate changes

The property industry has a huge carbon footprint, and buildings are considered the climate's biggest offenders. According to European Academies Science Advisory Council, 25% of Europe's greenhouse emissions come from buildings. Regulations, therefore, try to set up standards leading to 'nearly-zero energy buildings' that aim to reduce the energy consumption used to provide comfort in buildings. As a result, energy-efficient, low-carbon-emission equipment is becoming paramount.
Global sustainability initiatives envision a carbon-free world over the next decade, which imposes regulations and standards that must be implemented in the HVAC sector – from manufacturing to utilization and maintenance. 


Turning challenges into opportunities with Uponor

From its inception in 1918 in Lahti, Finland, starting as a modest carpentry workshop, until today, Uponor has served builders, homes, and buildings for over 100 years. Known for its modern and sustainable heating, cooling, and plumbing solutions, the company is now present in 26 countries across Europe and North America.  
Uponor is built on innovation, forward-thinking, and a mission to create a more sustainable living environment. We offer safe drinking water delivery solutions, energy-efficient radiant heating and cooling, and reliable infrastructure. 
With an array of innovative products and a business approach that relies on expertise and trust, Uponor can confidently overcome all construction industry challenges. Our solutions help our customers and partners discover new possibilities with more intelligent and 'greener' products and services. Here's how:

1. Customer-centric solutions

Here at Uponor, changing customer demands inspire us to think further and do better. We understand that each project is different, so we take a customer-centric approach when providing temperature comfort and water hygiene in indoor spaces. Likewise, we customize solutions for energy management, heating, plumbing, and cooling to meet individual needs. For example, a family home will have different needs from an industrial plant. Sports centres and hotels also have entirely different specifics. The list goes on. 
We recognized six main groups of customers to which we have tailored our solutions: family homes, multi-family buildings, office buildings, industrial facilities, hotels, sports and leisure facilities. 

Here are some of the main highlights, based on their needs:

Family homes

  • Installations suitable for new builds and renovation projects
  • Even temperature distribution 
  • Energy-efficient equipment
  • Suitable for renewable energy sources
  • Top hygiene standards for drinking water delivery solutions 

Multi-family & office buildings

  • Installations built to last for years to come
  • Sustainable, energy-efficient solutions
  • Hygienic drinking water delivery
  • Reduction of primary energy requirements by 25%
  • Help with engineering and installation design planning

Sports and leisure facilities 

  • Low installation, operation, and maintenance costs
  • DIN Certco certification for all systems and floor structures
  • Suitable for integration with renewable energy sources

Industrial facilities 

  • Energy-efficient radiant heating and cooling solutions 
  • Constant temperature and relative air humidity throughout the facility
  • Efficient and low maintenance and service costs 
  • Flexible usage 
  • Planning of technical building equipment from a single source


  • Flexible to meet the needs of a wide variety of occupiers 
  • Highest hygiene standards for drinking water systems 
  • Individual cooling and heating adjustment in each room 
  • State-of-the-art cooling, heating, and plumbing technology

2. Investing in the future

Staying on top of new technologies in the HVAC sector is something we live by here at Uponor. We have already explained how we develop our solutions and products based on our customers' needs. However, our drivers include innovation and technological advancements, with sustainability at the core
Uponor's products are manufactured with the highest quality and hygiene standards to provide modern, sustainable, energy-efficient, and flexible choices for:
  • water supply
  • underfloor, wall, or ceiling heating and cooling
  • heating and cooling control systems
  • Vario manifolds
  • flexible pre-insulated pipes
  • prefabricated solutions
  • radiator connectors
Some of our latest innovations include:
Uponor Ecoflex VIP
Revolutionary, next-generation pre-insulated pipes for local and district heating networks with outdoor pipe insulation that can reduce heat losses by 60%.

Uponor Inox
Stainless steel pipe for reliably hygienic drinking water supply in multi-storey buildings, with maximum safety and minimum installation effort.
Uponor Motion
A digitally-enabled flushing station ensures the highest drinking water quality, reducing the risk of contamination by dangerous pathogens.
Uponor 10 bar underfloor heating system
A new standard for high-rise buildings makes planning and installation more manageable, economical, and convenient.
Uponor Smatrix Pulse
Modern room temperature control system with full smart home and cloud connectivity. It saves time, energy, and costs.
Uponor PEX Pipe Blue
World's first bio-based PEX pipes with a reduced carbon footprint of up to 90% compared to fossil-based PEX pipes.


3. Exceptional support: 12 reasons why partners love to work with Uponor 

Uponor's success relies on our partner network, and we know we couldn't do it alone. That's why we heavily invest in our partners' success by ensuring dealers, installers, designers, architects, builders, and investors that work with Uponor are supported at every step of the way. 
Here's what they get when they partner up with Uponor:
  • Partnering approach based on a “win-win” philosophy – we don’t sell it unless all parties involved benefit from the relationship
  • Working with friendly teams and a quality brand offering reliable solutions with proven performance over time
  • Easy to implement, innovative products and solutions that have many alternatives and options you can choose from
  • Sales and marketing support
  • Training and education through the Uponor Academy, covering everything from specific products to solutions installation 
  • Certifications: BIM (Building Information Modelling, LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Methodology), or DGNB (German Sustainable Building Association) 
  • Help in finding the right solution for a particular project
  • Defining and calculating the financial basis for a construction project, including the expected investment and operational costs 
  • Comprehensive project support - from planning and design, through coordination of the logistics and commissioning, to execution;
  • Practical guidance, technical expertise, and quality services including PDC professional designs and local technical consultancy
  • Expert advice on supply chain and solutions for larger projects
  • Complete solutions that provide everything a partner might need: from high-quality products and services that can be built upon each other to provide complementary services, to help in implementation and planning, training, and support
Finally, professionals love to work with Uponor for reasons that surpass technical knowledge and great products. The commitment to its people and the 'human touch' engraved in its company culture make a real difference. Uponor's Director of Sales South-east Europe (SEE), Pölcz Csaba, explained it best:
“Several years ago, I had some health issues for which I could not work for a long time. It was challenging, but I had my family by my side. However, I felt the same support and care from my company, team, and boss. That's when I came to an important realisation.
Having a high salary package, working with a great team, and having your boss think highly of you are great reasons to work for an organisation. But these elements don't mean much if you don't have a human-centric company culture. Uponor cares about people - its employees, partners, and customers and that's the No.1 reason I work here.”

4. Saving the planet with sustainable solutions and products

Being a part of an industry sector with such a significant impact on the environment and the planet's future is a big responsibility that we take very seriously. As a result, we developed a long-standing commitment to sustainability by ensuring our product, service, and solution portfolio responds to environmental challenges. 

Products like Uponor Ecoflex VIP, Uponor PEX Pipe Blueand Uponor Ultra Rib 2 Blue, and solutions like those for underfloor heating, are entirely developed with sustainability top-of-mind. That means they are compatible with renewable energy sources and use less energy (for example, 40% less than fan coils, or 15% less in single-family homes).
However, we aim to have at least 90% of our product portfolio with product-specific Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) by 2027 and the entire product portfolio by 2030.
While we embrace all of the 17 UN sustainable development goals (SDGs), we decided to focus on four of them, where we can have the most considerable contributions: clean water and sanitation, decent work and economic growth, responsible consumption and production, and climate action.
As we move toward a carbon-neutral future, we want to lead by example in sustainable building and infrastructure solutions. Therefore, we envisioned that GHG emissions from our operations would be reduced by 70% (Scope 1 and 2) and 20% from our supply chain (Scope 3) by 2027, compared to the baseline year 2019. 
Other sustainability goals include 15% less energy intensity by 2027, 100% share of certified green electricity by 2025, and 100% recycled waste by 2027. 
There are many reasons to choose Uponor as your partner for heating, cooling, and plumbing solutions. Because it is not just about overcoming the sector's challenges. It's about working with great teams of professionals with positive energy, expertise, and a friendly approach. It is also about finding new ways to thrive and grow in these unpredictable times.
Uponor has these teams and knows how to move forward. Let us show you the way.
Contact us to learn how you can win with Uponor.