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Sustainable gravity sewer pipe

Ultra Rib 2 Blue

Ultra Rib 2 Blue - the first gravity plastic pipe with up to 70% CO2 reduction

Ultra Rib 2 Blue is the first plastic gravity sewer pipe with up to 70% reduction in carbon footprint. The reduction is achieved by using a raw material with a composition of more than 50% renewable feedstock. Ultra Rib 2 Blue is equivalent in quality and performance to the original Ultra Rib 2 pipe. Ultra Rib 2 Blue meets the high quality standards of Nordic Polymark and has an expected service life of over 100 years!
Ultra Rib 2 Blue pipes are manufactured at Uponor's ISCC (International Sustainability and Carbon Certification) certified factory in Fristad, Sweden. The mass balance method is used in the manufacture of the pipes. Customers receive a certificate of the use and quantity of renewable raw material following mass balance approach in Ultra Rib 2 Blue pipes.
Ultra Rib 2 Blue SN 8 pipes are available in sizes from 200 to 560 mm. Pipe lengths are 3m and 6m.

Benefits of Ultra Rib 2 Blue

  • Up to 70% reduction of carbon footprint
  • Expected service life over 100 years
  • Meets double Nordic Polymark quality certificate requirements
  • Manufactured in an ISCC PLUS certified factory
  • The production unit uses green electricity

First installation of Ultra Rib 2 Blue in Sigtuna, Sweden

Sigtuna vatten, the water utility company, needed to expand the current sewage network in logistic center. Ultra Rib 2 Blue was selected due to it's low carbon footprint. 

"We feel safe trying out Uponor Infra's new fossil-free pipes. Given Sigtuna municipality's environmental policy, we want to do our best to constantly work to run sustainable projects. Uponor Infra's investment in reducing the fossil footprint is completely in line with our philosophy."
Agneta Holm, head of Sigtuna Vatten

Ultra Rib 2 Blue supports Lahti Aqua on its way to achieve their sustainability goals

Lahti Aqua, which is the water utility of Lahti City (the Environmental Capital of 2021), installed their very first Ultra Rib 2 Blue pipeline in Jalkaranta where they built an infrastructure for new single family houses.

"It’s absolutely vital for us to be certain of the quality and durability of products when we’re seeking to lower carbon dioxide emissions. The Ultra Rib 2 Blue pipe provides another means of reducing the environmental load – it’s definitely a welcome innovation in the industry."
Pekka Kaikkonen, Construction Engineer of Lahti Aqua
Ultra Rib 2 Blue sales brochure

Ultra Rib 2 Blue sales brochure