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Ceiling heating and cooling

Ceiling heating and cooling from above

Ceiling heaters and ceiling coolers are mainly found in offices and sales areas or also in industrial buildings and sports halls. They are often used as a supplement to other radiant panel heating and cooling solutions. The conventional ceiling heating system is installed directly on the ceiling or in suspended grid ceilings. In the case of office or commercial properties, thermal element activation is an economical and sustainable way to heat and cool buildings in an energy efficient way.

Use the building structure for temperature control through ceiling heating or ceiling cooling

The component activation utilizes the thermal mass of the concrete in the building structure. Pipelines are installed that convey the heating / cooling water. In this way, the ceilings make a major contribution to the cooling or basic heating of the building. The pipe systems integrated in the room surfaces utilize the concrete core in the building mass to exchange thermal energy.

Select ceiling heating and cooling system to suit your individual requirements

Uponor Contec (TABS)

  • Inserted pipes into the concrete ceiling through which water flows
  • Use the concrete mass to thermally activate the ceiling and exchange thermal energy
  • Low investment costs
  • Ideal for office and commercial buildings

Uponor Renovis

Consists of a 15-mm thick gypsum plasterboard in which the high-quality Uponor pipes have already been integrated
Installation on all ceiling surfaces
Connection to Tichelmann distribution unit is recommended

Uponor Fix 9.9

  • Uponor Fix can be used both for heating and cooling as well as at walls and ceilings
  • Interesting at predominant cooling requirement
  • Fast response system due to thin plaster layers

Uponor Thermatop M

  • Water-based heating and cooling ceiling system that operates primarily according to the radiation principle
  • Wide variety of application and design options.
  • Quick and tool-free installation of the standardized registers by clicking the fixing rails into the CD profiles of the ceiling substructure

Uponor Teporis

  • Dry mortarless construction - time-saving installation compared to converntional systems
  • Mounted on a metal or wooden substructure in dry mortarless construction

This is how you benefit from Uponor solutions for ceiling heating and cooling

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Uponor heating and cooling systems

Uponor heating and cooling systems



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