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From a carpentry workshop to a global player


Over 100-years of expertise: Building a bridge from a successful past to a sustainable future

Uponor’s story began in 1918, when Aukusti Asko-Avonius established a carpentry workshop in Lahti, Finland. The workshop quickly grew into the largest furniture supplier in the Nordic countries. In the 1960’s, the company expanded its business further into the plastics industry.

Today, we are building a bridge from a successful past to a sustainable future. With the same innovative spirit that brought next-generation alternatives to concrete, iron and copper as piping materials, we are moving forward into ever-more intelligent solutions. With a focus on sustainability, we promote innovation in energy saving and smarter water usage for the benefit of our customers and the world we live in.


Aukusti Asko-Avonius establishes a carpentry workshop in Lahti, Finland.

Aukusti Asko Avonius
uponor oy cast iron products


A new company, Upo Oy was established to manufacture cast iron products and household applicances.


With the production of cast iron pipes, sewer pipes become a whole new product group for Upo.

Cast iron pipes
upo muovi plastic factory nastola


The first plastic factory, Upo-Muovi, starts up in Nastola, Finland, and launches its first plastic pipes and fittings.


First in world, Wirsbo in Sweden starts to manufacture the unique and innovative PEX pipe for heating and plumbing applications.

Wirsbo in sweden
oy uponor


Asko and Neste establish Oy Uponor Ab.


Uponor introduces the unique structured wall pipe construction called Ultra Rib.

ultra rip
wirsbo and hewing


Uponor enters the plastic hot water pipe business by acquiring the German company Hewing and the Swedish company Wirsbo.


The first overlapped welded multi-layer composite pipe (MLCP) is invented and patented by Uponor.

multi layer composite pipe
wirsbo apple valley


Wirsbo opens a factory in Apple Valley, Minnesota, USA.


The world’s first press fitting for MLCP is launched.

press fitting for mlcp
quick and easy fitting


Uponor launches the unique and revolutionary Quick & Easy fitting system.


  • During 1999 Uponor acquires the German company Unicor, and becomes a leader in multi-layer composite pipe.

  • Uponor merges with parent company Asko Corporation, renamed Uponor Corporation on 1 January 2000.

  • 2006: Uponor consolidates all businesses under one brand.

uponor logo
uponor infra


Through a merger with KWH Pipe on 1 July 2013, Uponor Infra is established.


UWater, a start-up company that specialises in water quality monitoring, is acquired in addition to KaMo and Delta.

uponor phyn


Uponor and Belkin International Inc. establish the joint venture Phyn.

Phyn develops water-sensing and conservation technology both for consumers and the building industry.

Uponor acquires KaMo and Delta in Germany and expands its competence in drinking water hygiene.


Uponor acquires a new manufacturing site in Hutchinson, Minnesota, to meet continued strong growth in the USA.

Uponor north america
uponor logo


Uponor celebrates its 100-year anniversary.

In celebration of 90 years in business, Uponor published in September 2008 a book conveying its story from 1918 to 2008.

In celebration of 90 years in business, Uponor published in September 2008 a book conveying its story from 1918 to 2008.