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Services for planners

Uponor Virtual Showroom

  • Inspiration: Explore Uponor products and systems in an interactive way
  • Knowledge base: Everything in one place, videos, brochures etc. 


BIM data for building products

  • Building Information Modelling (BIM) files library
  • BIM product models including pipes, fittings, manifolds and valves
  • BIM 3D models in MaciCAD and MagiCloud

Download centre

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  • Sales information
  • Technical product information 
  • Mounting instructions 
  • Technical manuals

Uponor catalogue

  • Uponor product catalogue
  • All product specifications

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Feedback to Uponor

  • Provide us feedback or raise questions
  • Just contact us via phone or e-mail


Worldwide references for different building types

Whitepaper and reports

  • Whitepaper for building solutions
  • Global cost study for different HVAC solutions in hotels

Uponor PRO App

  • Uponor PRO App provides advanced digital services
  • Via smartphone and tablet on the building site
  • Mounting instructions, videos and more

Uponor Academy trainings

  • Seminars tailored for specifiers
  • Comprehensive teaching of standards and technical guidelines
  • Latest trends on plumbing and hygiene installation
  • Latest trends on energy efficiency and radiant heating and cooling
  • Pre-fabricated modules
  • Flexible pre-insulated pipe system Ecoflex

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