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Specialist applications heating and cooling systems

Free room design

Standardised systems for heating and cooling reach their limits in some projects.  Therefore, Uponor offers individual, energy-efficient special solutions for large industrial facilities, sports facilities and cold storage facilities. This includes also heating solutions, which keep important traffic areas free from ice and snow in winter: e.g. car park entrances, or foyer areas in hotels, hospitals or shops.
uponor industrial floor heating

Ideal temperature in large buildings

Uponor provides high-performance, reliable and environmentally-friendly systems for heating and cooling large buildings. Our long-life special solutions are ideal for spaces or work areas with specific heating or cooling requirements. Uponor supports your project from planning to construction.

Secure grip even in ice and snow

A special heating solution integrated in the ground reliably keeps traffic areas, building entrances, ramps, paths and driveways free of snow and ice.

uponor meltaway snow and ice melting
uponor neva lawn heating

Year-round usability of grass areas

Heating technology from Uponor is integrated in the ground and ensures that grass areas can be used even in winter. The Uponor system removes snow and ice. This ensures that only as much heat as is required for thawing or for snow and ice melting is released.

The right temperature for sport and recreation

Energy-efficient radiant heat distribution solutions from Uponor for sports facilities offer many benefits. As a low-temperature heat distribution solution they are suitable for conventional as well as renewable heat sources. For sports halls, Uponor offers special solutions that are ideal for point loading of the floor. Uponor service to you: planning and support in the construction phase.

uponor special applications

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