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In sport it is important to get technique just right

Uponor sports floor heating is a radiant heating system for sports halls that is superior to conventional heating systems in many ways. Installed invisibly under the floor, it offers unbeatable warmth and comfort without cumbersome system components that reduce the usable space or that have the potential to cause injury to users. Because the system is entirely concealed, it cannot be damaged (e.g. from impact during ball games). When it comes to costs, our feet remain firmly on the ground – as an energy-efficient low-temperature heating system. Uponor sports floor heating is also perfectly suited to use with regenerative heat sources. In addition, the system components installed in the floor are maintenance-free, significantly reducing operating costs.

A distinction is made in sports floor construction between area-elastic, combined-elastic, mixed-elastic and point-elastic construction. Our Siccus Sport or sprung floor heating system offers you the right system for every variant and requirement.
uponor siccus sports floor heating

Advantages of floating floor heating:

  • Pleasant: Radiant heating without raising dust
  • Safe: No disturbing heating components
  • Economical: Free insulation choice
  • Space saving: heating pipes and cables are part of the floor structure
uponor sports floor heating

Adantages of siccus sport floor heating:

  • Separating: Clear separation of heating and sports floor elements
  • Quick: Rapid installation of light weight construction
  • Versatile: Can be used with a variety of different sport floors
  • Optional: Composite pipe of PE-Xa pipe (each dim. 14) can be used

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