Public recall for Uponor Fluvia T Pump Group Push-23-B-W Item no. 1078304 supplied 1 Oct 2022 and 22 Feb 2023 - Find here more information
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Presentation of Uponor innovations by Karsten Hoppe (Former President of Building Solutions - Europe) and Thomas Raadts (Vice President Marketing).

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New products

Experience how we set new standards in building your ideas:

Uponor Vario manifolds

  • Vario B and Vario C manifolds
  • Vario Cabinets
  • Vario accessories such as ball valves

Uponor Fluvia safety sets

  • Solutions against damage due to overpressure caused by thermal water expansion

Uponor HypAir admittance valves

  • Eliminate suction in sewage pipes
  • Odour-free drainage
  • Certified Class A1 EN12380, TÜV certified

Uponor Aqua Ambient drain + shower inlets + grates

  • Aqua Ambient linear shower inlets and grates in length of 600 to 1000 mm
  • Point Drain inlets in various designs

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