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Improving water quality

Drinking water hygiene planning

Drinking Water Hygiene within water distribution systems is our responsibility

Hygiene is the science of protection against diseases, legionella bacteria and preservation and fortification of health. Drinking Water Hygiene means safe tap water, which does not represent any significant risk to health over a lifetime of consumption, as defined by the Guidelines.

Potable water is the most important element of life. Ensuring it remains in hygienically perfect condition – from the main line connection to the outlet – is our responsibility to support planners, plumbers and operating companies.

Uponor Hygiene Logic is the drinking water distribution system that ensures superior hygienic standards with decentralized hot water generation, the “loop” installation method and automatic pipe flushing to eliminate stagnation.

Key rules to ensure good drinking water quality

To avoid biofilm formation potable water supply installations are to be planned as small as possible. And with Heat Interface Units, tap water is heated up on demand.

Cold water should be < 25 °C
Warm water should be > 55 °C
Uponor pipe technology and design methods help to keep the water temperature below 25 °C and avoid warm-up in the cold water delivery pipe.

Potable water supply installations are to be planned to ensure sufficient water exchange of every 72 hours/ at least every 7 days. Uponor loop installations and automatically flushing units help to keep the water flowing and avoid stagnation at all times.

What is Legionnaire’s Disease?

Did you know that more than 656,097 deaths are caused by water-related diseases this year? Even though the most cases are underreported by many professionals, the most dangerous water-related infection is Legionnaires’ Disease such as legionella pneumonia. The disease is caused by growing of severe legionella bacteria in contaminated water with 10-15 % fatality rate from infected patients. Find out more:

EU directive for drinking water protection

What does it mean for your drinking water installation?

The European Union has a long history of drinking water policy, which ensures that water intended for human consumption can be consumed safely all over the continent. Now the EU has tightened up the drinking water directive with the aim of improving access to water for all, upgrading drinking water hygiene standards and increasing transparency for all consumers. Therefore drinking water quality must be controlled through standards based on the latest scientific evidence and should be efficient and effective monitored. Besides, consumers all over the EU should get adequate, timely and appropriately information about their drinking water hygiene.

EU directive

Drinking water hygiene from planning, installation to monitoring

Uponor provides you with detailed knowledge about fulfilling the legal standards for drinking water hygiene, offer you design service support for HSE and BIM, and invite you to training sessions about clean water systems at the Uponor Academy.

Discover more about drinking water hygiene with brochures

Uponor Hygiene whitepaper – summary

Uponor Hygiene whitepaper – summary

Summary of analysis of the Uponor Hygiene Logic in comparison to traditional installation

Build on Uponor Hygiene Logic

Build on Uponor Hygiene Logic

Watch out, take care

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Find out more how office building build on Uponor Hygiene Logic

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