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Heat interface units

Heat interface units

For decentralised hot water supply

Decentralised Heat Interface Units for up to 40% energy savings

On-demand water heating with minimum volume of hot water in the system

When considering the optimal hot water supply for buildings, everyone looks for a smart, efficient and sustainable solution, frequently prompting the question: Which method is most suitable? The most common concepts are centralised and decentralised hot water supply.
Centralized hot water supply means to regularly heat up the water in the hot water storage, even if the water is currently not consumed. Circulation pipelines create also heat losses which means more hot water to heat up compared to what is consumed. 

Uponor recommends decentralisation as hot water is only produced when required. 
The result is an energy-efficient performance, minimising energy costs. Uponor ports can be easily combined with renewable energy sources. They provide 100% hygienic drinking water and safe up to 30% of installation time compared to installation for centralized systems.  

Decentralized Heat Interface Units support from planning to installation and utilisation

Key features of decentralized Heat Interface Units

Key features

  • On-demand water heating
  • Minimum volume of hot water in the system
  • Reduced on-site installation efforts
  • Only 3 connection pipes instead of 5 – circulation and hot water pipes eliminated
  • No breeding ground for legionella, as unnecessary heating of cold water is avoided
  • Higher quality due to more prefabricated Heat Interface Units

Standby heat loss of a 500-litre hot water storage tank for centralized hot water supply

Your advantages

  • Lower investment and operating costs compared to conventional systems
  • Instant hot water on demand in every home
  • Prevention of legionella growth
  • 58 % energy savings in distribution pipes thanks to decentralised heat supply
  • Smaller installation shaft requirements

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Uponor Combi and Aqua Port Heat Interface Units for decentralised hot water supply

Uponor Combi and Aqua Port Heat Interface Units for decentralised hot water supply

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Aqua and Combi Port in action - Reference highlights

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