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Wall heating and cooling

Cosy warmth with wall heating

Heating and cooling systems in walls dissipate their heat as radiation, creating a cosy environment for users. Installing wall surface heating is much easier than you might think. Depending on the system, the solutions are installed in the stud wall, on wall profiles or, in the case of wet installation, directly in the plaster layer.

Wall heating and cooling systems offer many advantages, not just for new builds, but for renovation projects in particular.

Optimum room temperature in new and old buildings

uponor wall heating
  • Invisible, energy-efficient solution
  • Can be optimally combined with renewable energy sources
  • Reliable, proven products
  • Architectural freedom

Wall heating is suitable for wet and dry plaster installation systems

Radiant heating and cooling via the wall can be installed in both wet and dry plaster installation systems. Both methods can be found in both new and renovated buildings. Any kind of heating system can be used as the heat source. Wall heating can easily be retrofitted in a stud wall at a reasonable cost.

Uponor recommends the energy-efficient use of renewable energy sources, particularly in combination with a heat pump.

Products for wall heating and cooling

Whether as a lightweight drywall system or using wet plaster methods. Uponor systems for wall heating and cooling are equally suitable for new builds and for energy upgrades in old buildings.

Uponor Fix

  • Thin plaster layer allows quicker regulation
  • Flexible enough for sudden temperature changes in spring and autumn

Uponor Siccus

  • Rapid building progress through dry mortarless construction
  • Lightweight construction suitable for renovation almost on any wall

Uponor Siccus SW

  • Suitable for partition lightweight wall elements
  • Both for new buildings as well as in renovation work for heating and/or cooling

Uponor Renovis

  • Renovation system for dry construction
  • Heating panel and new wall/ceiling surface at once

This is how you benefit from Uponor solutions for wall heating and cooling

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Uponor heating and cooling systems

Uponor heating and cooling systems



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