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Wall heating and cooling

Siccus wall - dry installation

Lightweight design and shallow construction

Uponor Siccus wall heating has been developed for use in new constructions as well as for modernising old buildings.

Uponor Siccus is a dry-fit installation using wall sheets with minimum construction height 43 mm. It is quick and clean to fit and can be used immediately after installation. As wall covering, gypsum plaster boards will be installed.

Uponor Siccus is light in weight and comprises just four components; mounting sheet, heat conducting plate, heating pipe, PE foil. This is a real engineering bonus, especially for wooden joist constructions. The low-mass construction allows fast response temperature controls. The integral pipe guide channels in the Uponor Siccus mounting sheet hold the heat conducting plates and heating pipes. The mounting sheet is flexible to use, easy to cut and pre-fitted with channels in the ”header area” for Uponor PE-Xa and MLC pipes.
uponor siccus

Uponor Siccus for walls in a nutshell

  • Rapid construction progress with dry installation
  • Low static weight for installation on all walls
  • Perfect heat transfer
  • Short heating up times and fast reponse on temperature control
  • Suitable for 14 mm PE-Xa and composite pipes

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