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What Uponor products can do

Whether you are looking for a water supply system such as multilayer pipe system or flexible Uponor PEX pipe system, underfloor heating and cooling, wall heating or ceiling cooling or a reliable flexible Ecoflex pre-insulated pipe or prefabricated modules for plumbing and heating - Uponor has the suitable products. They have a long service life and comply with highest quality and hygiene standards. They contribute to the responsible use of water resources, enhance the quality of life and make sure that energy is used efficiently in all places.

Drinking water delivery

  • Plastic plumbing pipe systems
  • Multi-layer composite pipe systems
  • For residential buildings, commercial and public buildings

Uponor House drainage

  • Decibel soil and waste system with sound insulation
  • HypAir admittance valves to eliminate suction in sewage pipes
  • Aqua Ambient drain + shower inlets + grates

Underfloor heating and cooling

  • Floor-integrated underfloor heating systems
  • Water based floor heating
  • Electric underfloor heating
  • For new buildings and renovation projects

Wall heating and cooling

  • Radiant heating and cooling via the wall
  • For wet and dry plaster installation systems
  • In new buildings and renovation projects

Ceiling heating and cooling

  • Supplement to other radiant panel solutions
  • Mainly for offices, sales areas, industrial buildings and sports halls

Room and supply temperature controls

  • Uponor Smatrix underfloor heating and cooling controls
  • Smart Home technologies
  • Pump groups with modular concept
  • In residential and commercial projects

Manifolds Vario

  • Distribution units and cabinets
  • Pre-assembled
  • Modular approach
  • In residential buildings up to industrial applications

Flexible Ecoflex pre-insulated pipe

  • Uponor Ecoflex per insulated pipe
  • District heating
  • Transport of a variety of liquids both inside and outside of buildings

Prefabricated modules for plumbing and heating

  • Uponor Port solutions
  • Fully customised, individually developed and pre-tested prefabricated solutions

Heating and cooling for special projects

  • Individual special solutions
  • For large industrial facilities, sports facilities and cold storage facilities

Radiator connection

  • Complete portfolio of radiator connection components
  • In new buildings and renovation projects

New products 2023

Experience how we set new standards in building your ideas:

Uponor Vario manifolds

  • Vario B and Vario C manifolds
  • Vario Cabinets
  • Vario accessories such as ball valves

Uponor Fluvia safety sets

  • Solutions against damage due to overpressure caused by thermal water expansion

Uponor HypAir admittance valves

  • Eliminate suction in sewage pipes
  • Odour-free drainage
  • Certified Class A1 EN12380, TÜV certified

Uponor Aqua Ambient drain + shower inlets + grates

  • Aqua Ambient linear shower inlets and grates in length of 600 to 1000 mm
  • Point Drain inlets in various designs

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Uponor Vario manifolds and cabinets

Uponor Vario manifolds and cabinets

Sales folder

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Uponor Fluvia safety sets

Uponor Fluvia safety sets

Sales folder

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Uponor HypAir admittance valve

Uponor HypAir admittance valve

Sales folder

Uponor linear and point drain Shower covers and inlets

Uponor linear and point drain Shower covers and inlets


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