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Uponor House drainage

Soil and waste water pipes, fittings and accessories

Drainage systems for your needs

Uponor provides a full set of products with Uponor Decibel which is a system for soil and waste water pipes and fittings. In addition the HypAir admittance valves stop the release of gases in sewage systems. Uponor Aqua Ambient linear shower inlets as well as Uponor Point drain inlets offer high quality and a modern style to level showers.

All products for Uponor house drainage systems

Uponor Decibel soil pipe system

  • Soil and water pipes and fittings
  • Excellent sound insulation
  • Compliant with EN 1451

Uponor Hyp Air admittance valves

  • Eliminate suction in sewage pipes
  • Odour-free drainage
  • Certified Class A1 EN12380, TÜV certified

Aqua Ambient drain + shower inlets + grates

  • Aqua Ambient linear shower inlets in length 600 to 1000 mm
  • Point drain inlets available in various designs
  • Modern appearance with high comfort

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