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Decibel – soil and waste water pipes and fittings

Excellent sound insulation

Soil pipes with less water noise and lightweight handling

Uponor Decibel is a complete soil and waste pipe system with pipes and parts available in dimensions from 50 to 160 mm. Its suitable for  new buildings, as well as renovations. Mineral-reinforced polypropylene, a multi-layered structure and a high specific gravity help keep the Decibel system quiet. Decibel is well suited to acoustically demanding buildings. Certain noises are airborne, i. e. they are generated in the pipe and are carried to the outside air. Uponor Decibel’s multilayer construction with a mineral intermediate layer dampens vibrations. Other noises are structure-borne, i. e. carried from the pipe into the structure of the building via its fastenings, creating a resonant vibration. One way of avoiding that is to use noise-suppressing fastenings. Uponor Decibel is the most advanced noise-suppressing indoor soil and waste pipe, created after extensive research and development. It has resulted in excellent performance for acoustic damping, function, installation and environmental protection.


  • Suitable for new buildings and renovations
  • Multi family homes
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Schools
  • Office buildings
  • Single-family homes


  • Material: MD-PP
  • All plastic components are 100 % recyclable
  • Easy to install without special tools
  • Available in dimensions: 50, 75, 110 and 160 mm
  • Temperature range: 85 – 100 °C
  • Compliant will all requirements within European Standard EN 1451
  • All parts are individually tested to guarantee a long, maintenance-free life

Excellent sound insulation with Uponor Decibel

Badrum som installationsexempel för inomhusavlopp

10 db – The noise of a falling leaf. And Uponor Decibel.

  • Efficient noise-suppressing intermediate layer
  • Tested in accordance with the EN 14366 standard with laboratory measurements of the noise generated
  • Most advanced noise-suppressing indoor sewer systems
  • Noise level below 10 db (A) which reflects the noise of a falling leaf
  • Noise level undetectable in a normal residential environment

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Uponor Decibel soil pipe system

Uponor Decibel soil pipe system

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Uponor Decibel soil pipe system

Uponor Decibel soil pipe system

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