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Fluvia pump supply groups

Pre-assembled Fluvia pump supply groups

Uponor Fluvia Pump Groups are complete preassembled and full proved units to be used as part of the supply system which supports underfloor heating installations in residential and commercial buildings. Fluvia Move Pump Groups include all components necessary for connection in to the pipe network.

Fluvia pump group specifications

Full overview on Uponor controls portfolio

Uponor Smatrix Pulse smart controls

  • For residential buildings
  • New room temperature control with full smart home connectivity
  • Individual comfort zone within seconds

Uponor Smatrix PRO

  • Room and zone control for commercial building types and outdoor areas
  • Smart monitoring technology and remote control of the whole system

Uponor Smatrix Style thermostats

  • Slim room thermostat with operative temperature sensor
  • Energy savings up to 20% due to innovative autobalancing technology

Uponor Base

  • For residential buildings
  • Wired 230V room controls
  • Maximum ease of control with minimum of effort

Software and App

  • Software updates and documents for Smatrix products
  • Smatix App: remote control for underfloor heating and cooling systems

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