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Wall heating and cooling

Renovis dry installation

Dry walling system for energy renovation projects

Uponor Renovis for dry walls consists of a 15 mm plasterboard panel in which the high-grade Uponor PE-Xa pipe is already integrated ex-works. The elements can be installed as dry wall panels on walls of almost any type using a substructure of commercial 27/60 CD profiles. This means that there is no need for complex demolition work. Accordingly, existing properties can also be quickly renovated while still in use. After the joints have been filled and sanded, the Uponor Renovis elements can easily be worked immediately.

Uponor Renovis also allows individual rooms to be heated using a radiant heating system integrated in an existing high-temperature system with radiators. There is no need to replace the existing heating system, allowing it to be adapted individually to the needs of the user as required. This reduces costs and also permits a great deal of design freedom when renovating individual rooms. Connecting the system using a simple Tichelmann distribution unit also makes work easier for installers when it comes to the arrangement of the heating circuits, regulation and installation.

Alternatively, Uponor Renovis can be installed as a cooling ceiling system.
uponor wall heating renovis installation

Uponor Renovis in a nutshell

  • Stable crimping effect: The pipe fixing element fastens the pipe on the installation
  • Integration of ventilation, light sources, or other electrical devices possible
  • Installation on all wall surfaces
  • Room comfort at low temperatures of the heating system

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