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The Uponor BIM Platform – Planning in a new dimension

Uponor BIM at glance

The impact of digitization is strongly changing the way of construction projects execution. Whether for buildings or infrastructure projects – Building Information Modeling (BIM) is the future shape of digital planning. Our brand new BIM platform offers access to relevant product data, sophisticated planning tools and design services created by a team of experienced BIM professionals. Additional user friendly features support the execution of the planning tasks more efficiently and at a higher quality.

Uponor BIM Platform: Single access to numerous benefits.

Uponor BIM platform

The integrated Uponor BIM platform (Building Information modeling) provides access to all Uponor solutions, supported by intelligent and highly user-friendly features.

  • Streamlined data exchange: Improve communication and collaboration processes.
  • Easy access and usage: Free access to the latest BIM data from a centralized source – anywhere and anytime.
  • Safer designing: Reduce the risk of expensive construction errors with up-to-date BIM solutions.
  • Improved planning and higher efficiency: Execute design and planning at a higher quality and speed at work-tasks by automating the use of information.
  • Multilingual solution: Profit from BIM models, recent data and information available in different languages as well as with country specific portfolio.

BIM Library: Latest information. Just a click away.

The Uponor BIM library (=BIM objects) contains BIM models of our entire product range. Intuitive browsing and previewing BIM models is making daily work more convenient, while  easy access to data in various languages help designers to retrieve information fast. 

  • Compatible technology: Support of multiple CAD and BIM formats (Revit, IFC, DXF, SAT, DWG 3D & 2D, FBX, OBJ).
  • Reliable data: Our BIM Library (=BIM objects) fulfills the requirements from BS8541, ETIM and openBIM standards.
  • Enriched models: Integration of smart functions, diverse sizes and product variations in a single BIM model.

BIM Tools: Intelligent features. Customized solutions.

Our tools  provide easy access to the latest and most accurate data from our entire product range. Intelligent features and automated functionalities will help you solve complex design issues, accelerate your design processes and improve the quality of your work. Uponor tools are based on the European design standards for Mechanical Electrical Plumbing (MEP) systems and compatible with the most commonly used BIM software on the market.

Uponor BIM tools

BIM tools in detail

Uponor Campus  - Free e-learning courses for industry professionals

We offer different levels of BIM courses:

  • Introduction to BIM
  • Uponor BIM solution and BIM platform
  • Uponor Revit Plug-in
  • Smart ways to handle projects with BIM

We offer following product courses: 

  • Drinking water hygiene introduction
  • Drinking water hygiene with heat interface units
  • Ecoflex VIP: 
  • Sustainable construction with Uponor PEX Pipe Blue

Discover more about BIM tools and services

The Uponor BIM platform

The Uponor BIM platform

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Expert interview on Uponor BIM platform

Expert interview on Uponor BIM platform

Michał Ledziński, BIM Centre Manager at Uponor